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Computerized Medical Records


One major advantage of computerizing medical records is that this method saves money and time for medical professionals. A traditional record system consists of files stored in a filing cabinet or other physical location. Files stored this way can easily become lost or displaced; the t time and resources to track down files that are missing can have a huge effect on the efficiency, effectiveness and revenue of the medical practice. Missing files can result in duplicate paperwork, lost time and productivity. For example, a medical office assistant that spends 20 hours a week searching for missing files, at an hourly rate of $15 costs the office over $14,000 a year in wasted time and money! Computerized medical records eliminate all these issues. With files kept in one database, they can be quickly located and retrieved. Resulting in less rework and less time wasted.

Another key advantage of computerized medical records is increased visibility and sharing capacity. Consider this example; a young child is rushed to the emergency room by his 14-year-old babysitter after a fall of the playground swing set. The doctors want to issue him medication but they are unsure of any allergies,. The child's parents cannot be reached; the babysitter does not have the child's medical information and is unsure of his medical history. Fortunately, the medical staff is able to access his medical records electronically, they notice he is allergic to penicillin and has sickle-cell anemia. They are able to use this data and treat him accordingly. Without having access to this information, medical staff, seeking to act in the child's best interest could have put the child's life in danger in their attempts to help him get better. This is the great advantage of computerized medical records, the ability to share information quickly across medical providers to provide the best possible care for the patient.


For as many advantages there are for the use of computerized medical records, there exist disadvantages as well. As with any software or new program, glitches and errors may occur. Human error is also a concern.…

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