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¶ … Honor the Warrior, The United States Marine Corps in Vietnam written by William L. Myers an ex-United States Marine. The book follows the experiences of the young men of the third corps of the third battalion U.S. Marine Corps, known as the 3-3 discussing the medals and honors the unit won during the campaign and also how they felt during the battles.

The Way of the Warrior: A veterans U.S. Marines View of the Experiences of the Soldiers of the Vietnam War

They every warriors nightmare is to remember the battles and deaths of his friends yet there are many war heroes who enjoy the rapid rise to fame as they produce their memoirs of battles they have fought in and their experiences on the parade ground and the jungle or desert.

However William L. Myers, himself a four-year veteran of the Marine Corps, has taken a step away from that oath and used the collective influence of men in combat to bring forth a collection of stories that indeed Honor the Warrior, The United States Marine Corps in Vietnam, published by Redoubt Press Myers interviewed men of the Third Battalion of the Third Marines of the United States Marine Corp, a regiment that played a major role in the Vietnam War, being one of the most decorated units that took part within that theatre of war.

With such interviews he has written a strong moving and heartfelt account that salutes the men of the United States Marine Corps, this book of first person accounts by those marines that survived brings forth a no holds barred into the minds and hearts of these men as they talk through their experiences of the major battles they fought in for the corps during the policing action of the Vietnam campaign.

Honor the Warrior, The United States Marine Corps in Vietnam is not just a book about the flaws and problems of the strategic blunders...


The main contributor to the story is Jeff "T.J."…

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