How Kellogg's Uses Marketing Effectively Case Study

Kellogg's Case Study Q1.Define communication.

Communication is defined as "the transmission of information from a sender to a receiver, via a given medium. Two-way communication involves some kind of feedback from the receiver back to the sender" (Communication 2).

Q2.Describe the key stages in the communication process. You can use a diagram to show the process

The communications process involves a sender encoding a message and transmitting the message through a particular medium. The message is then decoded by the recipient who gives a response in the form of feedback (Kellogg's 2).

What is meant by internal communication? Please give an example.

Internal communication "occurs within the firm e.g. between the marketing and finance departments" (Communication 6). Mass emails sent to all employees about a change in vacation policy or emails sent between members of a corporate work team are both examples of internal communications.

Q4. Describe the problems that could occur with informal communication. Give two examples.

Informal communications are defined as communication methods that "are not officially recognised e.g. A chat by the water cooler" (Communication 6). One of the problems which can occur with internal communication is the rumors and innuendos which may be generated about the company. For example, a rumor might be started that the company is going to merge with another company and many workers are likely to be let go. This can result in a great deal of needless internal disagreement...


Informal communication, because it is spontaneous and not vetted by an outside authority; can also be subjected to many of the problems of informal communication in general, including a lack of clarity and poor timing; problems with the medium of communication itself; the attitudes of either the sender or the recipient to communication; or cultural barriers (Communication 9). For example, what one person intends as a harmless joke might be offensive to someone because of his or her particular worldview.
Q5. Explain two benefits of Kellogg's using its multi- platform campaign to communicate its messages.

Kellogg's 'Help give a child a breakfast' campaign was part of its 'breakfast clubs' initiative in the UK to give students in need free breakfasts through the school system. The program was not designed to advertise Kellogg's products but rather part of its sense of corporate social responsibility. Communicating information about the breakfast program could, of course, generate positive feelings about the company but information about the breakfast club could not be presented as 'advertising.'

A multi-platform campaign allows a company to reap all of the benefits of formal and informal communication, while using only one medium exclusively could present problems. For example, Kellogg's sent letters to members of the government informing them of the benefits of its free breakfasts. It also issued formal press releases. This allowed the company to control the message it was sending out. However, formal communication alone can…

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