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¶ … Transformations in America During the Progressive Era

The Transformation in America during the Progressive Era

Progressivism describes the universal application of distinct responses in the social and economic problems arising from rapid industrialization and the urbanization introduced to America from the 19th Century. Progressivism started through social movements aimed at coping with various social needs that evolved into reform movements and extensive political action. The initial progressives were in rejection of Social Darwinism and corruption. This way, the people believing in social progress addressed poverty, ill health, greed, class warfare, and racism violence. This was best addressed through the provision of good education, safer environment, honest government and efficient workplace. Progressives have lived in various cities and college education which government takes charge of tools of action.

Both Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson faced similar progressive concerns across the 20th Century. One of the challenges was suffrage. When the country was created, the only persons allowed selecting and voting representatives into government were white men. The new dispensation of the 20th Century required that even women be included in the suffrage demand and right to vote. The second issue was prohibition. The social reformers identified alcohol as one of the social evils causing...


There were different movements in the country seeing to prohibit liquor.

The race was also a critical issue in the 1800s. Ideally, most African-American slaves encountered freedom and citizenship without documentation. However, blacks started moving across the country leading to tensions between immediate races. Theodore Roosevelt was unable to contain the interest of Native Americans. The 1800s were volatile with native tribes pushing west onto smaller parcels of land that were 'reserved'. On the other hand, the legal status in America lacked sufficient resolution. The children issues were matters of concern for Woodrow Wilson in the 1800s. Most children were forced into working for long hours in demanding jobs. However, the 20th Century implemented regulations to outlaw the elements of child labor. The labor issues in the country cut across the regimes of both leaders through the Muckrakers and the Northern Securities Case. Young and old workers were set on the streets for the purpose of humiliation and exploitation on the job. Compensation systems among workers were established in the early 1900s.

Woodrow Wilson called for direct elections. Towards the…

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On the other hand, Theodore Roosevelt implemented the Anti-Monopoly Reforms. During the 20th Century, most businesses became extensive business performers. The U.S. became a critical marketplace having plenty of potential consumers as well as companies that sought to monopolize various markets through referendum and recall. The limitations and elimination of competition led to the establishment of control profits and prices. Reformers advocated for business practices with fair dealings and broke up monopolies and trusts.

During the period, politicians gave government jobs to individuals as gifts for facilitating them into office. Most of them could not question whether such persons were qualified for the job or not. The legislature passed Civil Service Act that was aimed at streamlining the public service in 1883. This Act permitted different government jobs to be given to people with passed tests or showed ability to deliver outcomes in the job. The amendments allowed Congress to exercise the right of setting up income tax systems that were fair to all. The tax regime made the rich pay higher taxes as compared to poor people. The rich individuals and other big businesses rose against such income tax regimes due to the high costs of doing business and paying more taxes to the government.

Party workers were able to gather groups of people with similar agenda and showed them ways of voting and ensuring that they voted as the parties wished. The leadership of such Progressives was allowed to have laws passed through the required voting elements as done in secret and in polling booths. For instance, the systems required installation of ballots in one color and under government supplies. During this time, the candidates for the political office were established through private meetings with party leaders. The Progressives also sought to have people develop greater voices in the selection of applicants. The focus also allowed people to use direct primaries in decision-making. The method of earlier election was to be the standard practice as head moving forward. Voters from different parties were expected to choose their candidates as they wished to have representation in final elections. Voters were able to have specific names of candidates listed on the ballot where sufficient membership in parties was signed petitions for participatory applicants. The same times had reforms directed towards the movement of saving natural resources. The settlers emphasized America's need to have land rich in aspects like forests, water, and soil. The westward movements ascertained the growth of various resources in the area used.

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