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The author of this report is to offer a real-world example of a situation where a workplace was in turmoil and negotiations were necessary to get things to change. The changes required the coalescing of a group and that overall process will be described and covered. The items and factors that will be described will include the underlying problem or difference, the parties or sides in the conflict, which side was correct and which one was not, how the problem was negotiated to a conclusion, whether the overall negotiations were effective and worthwhile, whether and how proposals were offered and dealt with, what the relations were between the two sides and so forth. Finally, the author of this report was a voice on one of the sides and thus will explain what could or should have been done differently to help things along a bit better. While the negotiations and outcomes in this matter were not perfect, the overall outcome and resolution was positive and worth the effort (Van Wanrooy, 2009; Shachar, 2011; OHRD, 2015).

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The organization in question is rather large but the group in question that had the issues that had to be negotiated was rather small, roughly only a dozen. The squabble that existed was between the handful of managers who saw things one way and the crew members who saw things another way. At issue were a few things. The...


Management, on the other hand, viewed the status quo as not being that bad and that the employees just needed to leverage their coworkers and colleagues in a better fashion. The chosen side by the author of this report is much more the former than the latter. As for the preparations that took place, the people on the employee side had a meeting that did not include any of the management. It was verified and covered what the major concerns were and what would (and would not) be brought up when a meeting of the minds took place. A person that would be the "voice" of the group was assigned and it was agreed that the selected person would do all of the talking as allowing more than once voice on either side would probably lead to emotionally charged conversations and/or hurt feelings (Van Wanrooy, 2009; Shachar, 2011; OHRD, 2015).

There were not any emotional exchanges in the negotiations themselves but there certainly were some in the days and weeks leading up to that meeting, thus proving the needed for said meeting. The meeting itself was quite tense due to this, at least on the…

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