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Conflict and disagreement can provide the ground work for higher performance in organizations if Human Resources professionals can funnel and transmute that energy into a positive force for growth and sustained development. Conflict is seen at a levels of human interaction, and all stem from the same principles of achieving or maintaining a certain power source or maintaining independence from an another powerful influential force.

The purpose of this essay is to examine conflict at the national level and determine some of the qualities and signs of conflict that can be used for developmental purposes. This essay will simply focus on the sources of conflict, as this procedure is very useful for human resources professionals to determine in order to fix them and correct the situation.

This essay will examined the sources of conflict for the national issues that deals with immigration. This current hot topic in the news is national but has international implications. The argument stems from allowing free and easy access to American citizenship from other countries. The sources of conflict are many and the power issues that arise are also very complex, leaving a clear cut solution to this problem hard and difficult to identify and ultimately correct in a useful and productive manner.

At the heart of this issue, lies many complicated issues that suggests who or what group of people determine the outcome of a nation. Also, the effectiveness of policy making,


In the immigration debate, the stakeholders are in conflict about money, jobs and power. Immigration poses certain threats to the economic status of the country by providing cheap labor on one hand, however many opportunities may seemingly be disappearing to native born Americans who feel that immigration is too costly.

Tax Payers

Immigrants that come to this country without a job or source of income may or may not require government assistance to provide for their living. In some countries, the economic situation is so dire, that a life of poverty in the U.S.A. is much…

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