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The first stage of assessment involves the assessment of the risks through measurement of physical and chemical parameters in the workplace, such as solvents, metals, dust, noise, lighting, heat stress, ergonomic and safety hazards. Once this is completed the following actions can take place: Promoting awareness of risks and following better practices such as substitution of solvents with less dangerous ones, improvement in ergonomic conditions and decreasing noise levels.

First, it is necessary to assess volatile organic solvents, metals, dangerous dust, noise, lighting, climate, ergonomic hazards and work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

This is done by studying the printing press site during printing; the printing press site during cleaning; at the binding site; at the packaging site; and in storage areas.

To determine...


The noise decibels must be measured, so they are not dangerous to hearing.

Further, working surfaces need to be adequately illuminated, but not have such high intensity lights that can cause eye irritation with exposure. Measurements for thermal stress need to be analyzed, as well. In addition, for safety purposes, such as accidents from fires, explosions, electrical equipment, or poorly maintained or unguarded machinery, the risks must be identified. Ergonomic hazards such as manual handling or work with video display terminals are also a source of health problems. Musculoskeletal disorders including upper limb disorders need to be investigated through questionnaires and clinical examination.

Once the information is acquired and the safe processes designed, there needs to be training sessions and regular follow-up to ensure that safety procedures are being taken properly.

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