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He is unaware that it is his free will that is longing to escape. While he is wise not to ignore his inner yearnings, he is oblivious on how to obtain his freedom. All he knows is that he is lost and he must find a way to himself. This is a personality trait that every human being is born with and when it becomes endangered the human instinct is to resist.

Resistance is not always easy as Orwell demonstrates in his novel. Winston and others in the novel are met at all sides to conform but it is not so easy, as Winston illustrates. The yearning of human nature is compounded with images of Thought Police, another intrusive presence that makes life unbearable. Winston tells us, "At home and in bed in the darkness you were safe from the telescreen so long as you kept silent" (96-7). Again, we are faced with a lack of individuality that is essential for a fulfilling human experience. Winston's personal journal exposes his need for individuality. Through his sadness, we see that what is most personal to humanity - our own nervous system and emotions - is used against him in a society that is bent on killing the autonomy he desires. Winston is a hero because he does not bend so easily. However, his struggle is made that much more difficult because of his innate desires. The novel serves as a warning for those that think otherwise.

1984 introduces us to many ideas and considerations. One of the most predominant themes is the need for individuality and how that yearning is born into every individual. Winston is just one man but he represents all of the men who would rather fight than give in to a so-called utopia. His innate instinct is that what the government is doing is wrong and he is willing to fight to prove that point. Even after endless torture, he does not want to bow down to or love Big Brother. His instinct will not allow him to do so and this is the instinct with which all human beings are born. Because Winston yields at the end of the novel reinforces the individuality that Orwell believes in. There is no way that humanity can belong to a government and be happy and 1984 illustrates this point down to the last page when Winston utters his fatal words.

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