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The manager should have experience, ideally on the job, with a diverse workforce, and participated in, or directed a diversity-training program. The manager should have experience facilitating workplace conflict and formal training in mediation.

The manager should be optimistic in temperament, although not blind to the fact that problems must be dealt with on a timely basis.

Ideally, the manager should be an extrovert, and enjoy working with people, and making the workplace a hospitable environment in ways that are great and small.

The manager should have been required to communicate to persons on a daily basis, both formally and informally. These types of communication might include everything from organizational newsletters, emails, or speaking in front of groups of people.

The manager should be able to act as a mentor to employees, and have some experience working closely and supervising the training of small as well as large groups of employees.

The manager should be able to act decisively, and worked in an environment where multitasking was essential.

The manager should be able to process information quickly, and be fluent with contemporary technology.

The manager should have worked in an environment with persons with multiple role functions, such as information technology, finance, and other aspects of the organization that are crucial to its daily functioning.

Although the manger does not need to have an MBA to be competent, he or she should have some education and coursework in current managerial philosophy and exhibit a curiosity about the world and his or her industry, personally and professionally.

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