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¶ … rights of Aborigines in Australia

The country I chose to deconstruct for this particular assignment is Australia. The two chief cultures that inhabit Australia are the Anglo-Led Westernized one, and that of the indigenous Aboriginal people who occupied the land before the former -- despite the fact that the former had no compunction about displacing the latter from it. In terms of human rights, such rights should ideally apply to each of these cultures equally. However, the cultural differences between these two groups have resulted in a situation in which the ethical norms and codes of conducts of the Westerners (Anglos) are much more aligned with the principles of the Universal code of Human rights. In fact, it was not until relatively recently (near the turn of the 20th century, if not after that) that Westerners formally acknowledged the Aboriginal natives in Australia as people. Thus, the human rights which the former have enjoyed ever since the Declaration of Human Rights after the


It is the Westerners who are aware of that document and its ramifications, because it was conceived of and implemented in a way that was aligned with Western logic and thought. Those principles have little meaning to the conventional Aboriginal perspective of the world -- which means that the document and its ramifications pertain less to this group of people than to the Westerners. Granted, both groups are included equally in it, but the differences in culture have created a situation in which many Anglos and Westerners are aware of their rights -- and perhaps even take them for granted. The same sentiment is not applicable to the indigenous natives of that land, which are used to being despoiled and told what to do by the Westerners in a way that belies the "brotherhood" (United Nations, n.d-b.) that should exist between people. A public administer then, might take a partisan approach to the actual implementation of cases that pertain to human rights which favors Westerners, since there is…

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