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¶ … children actually came to be respected on account of the important role they play in the social order. Society previously believed that parents should be provided with the power to decide what they wanted to do with their children and the Bible actually emphasizes that Abraham was unhesitant about sacrificing his son, thus showing that the child was little more than a tool in his hands. As society progressed children continued to be treated with


Throughout time children were used as labor and were sexually abused by unscrupulous individuals. While attitudes change during recent centuries, it was not until an 1838 Pennsylvania court removed children from the custody of their parents that the world was able to acknowledge that it was actually responsible for the well-being of children.

When considering the functionalist theory, it would be safe to consider that a person who abuses children was, in turn, abused as a child and thus came to believe that such behaviors are perfectly normal. Similarly, the respective individuals might be inclined to believe that these attitudes are natural because he or she failed to properly integrate the social order and thus concentrates on employing his personalized understanding of normal behavior. While functionalism would appear to be against ideas such as child abuse, the reality is that…

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"Protecting Children When Families Cannot"

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