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Being the first person that customers meet when they come to the front desk, the need for professionalism and a friendly demeanor is crystal clear to me. I had to look neat and polished every day. I met customers with a smile and expressed a willingness to help them. I had no option but to remain focused throughout and kept asking customers how I could be of help. There are many distractions at the front desk but I had to give my customers undivided attention at all times, and I did. When a customer is given such undivided attention, they develop the impression that the company values its customers greatly (Christensen, 2015).

Answering phone calls was part of my job. So there are times a phone would ring while I was physically attending to a customer. I would apologize and request them to allow me to answer the phone. I would answer the phone and resume attending to the customer in front of me as soon as possible. I would also apologize for the interruption.

Personal Growth

Learning how reservation software worked, how other equipment was used at work and the telephone systems were part of my personal growth in technical expertise. The tools are designed to improve efficiency at work. I also had to learn the ropes in the charity affairs so as to be best placed to respond to customer queries. I also learnt the importance of keeping a neat and organized work space. It gives an impression of being organized. I kept company brochures and other materials in their place; ready for use (Christensen, 2015).


Calling clients by name, using their titles such as Dr., Engineer, Mr. or Mrs. is part of expressing sensitivity and a personal connection. Offering services beyond what is expected including serving them with a beverage, recommending a service or even hanging their coat goes a long way in expressing sensitivity. Since I was the last person that the customer saw before they left the office, I would make sure that they left with a good impression. I would express delight at their visit (Christensen, 2015).


The need to keep calm under high pressure from competing demand for attention was paramount. I had to multitask effectively and made sure that everyone was attended to (Doyle 2017).

Emotional Maturity,

I was keen not to give a negative impression to the customers, with my body language. So I tried not to slouch but stood straight. I would look at customers straight in their eye. I would avoid negative non verbal signs such as rolling yes or sighing. I would show that I was keen to listen…

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