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The average mission would likely cost only a nominal localized expense and would open previously unattainable achievements to the participants involved, to the community in which they serve and to every future business, personal and social encounter they have. Gaining leadership, management skills, and cultural awareness of diverse international communities and peoples is a necessary goal of most individuals, and yet it is often a someday sort of dream. This programs' most urgent goal is to develop a set of structures that will result in individuals who wish to do so to immediately be able to realize their goals and visions. To realize these objectives the IDSA will continue to foster ideas and develop goals that focus the program to a set of ten or less locals that will be appropriate for international participant involvement. This goal will be achieved by two months after the close of the social awareness seminal, three months prior to the first participation departure. To better understand the development of this objective please see the later section on location/site participation identification. The work will also seek to identify and verify qualifications for 10 eligible participants, and an additional 5 alternative candidates, who will again be considered at a later date if still available and will take the place of any participant who for any reason cannot fulfill the term obligation. Additionally, identified participants will be briefed of assignments and have the opportunity to discuss and valuate expectations for the term ahead of them. Support for travel accommodations as well as, local individual financial support will be in place one month prior to departure as well as all participants will be required to have medical clearance and receive appropriate travel immunizations and preventative treatment depending on assignment location, within two weeks of departure.

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