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Public Policy

Causes of Policy

The role of public policy is not to tell people how to behave or what to think. But behavioral scientists can help policy makers achieve their goals. Policymaking is about problem solving, but it is not an exact science. So borrowing from other disciplines to build a more solid foundation for policy implementation success makes a great deal of sense. Policymaking does depend on content experts from particular disciplines. For instance, healthcare policymakers draw on the expertise of medical practitioners and public health experts. Domestic violence policy is often developed through a collaboration between experts in criminal justice and social work. But what happens when a cognitive psychologist brings the expertise of a behavior specialist to the policymaking task? This is precisely the path that is being pursued by policymakers in charge of...


Indeed, the participation of social scientists with policies designed to deal with some of societies most intractable problems makes perfect sense.

Rationale Advancing Policy

There are no quick fixes for domestic violence, but it is essential for every aspect of an anti-domestic violence support system to function optimally -- and that includes something as deceptively simple as the anti-domestic violence hotline. A National Domestic Violence Hotline exists for victims of domestic violence to call when they need advice or support.

Effect of Proposed Policy

A fundamental problem with any call center is that the call lines can get busy and callers cannot get through for help. Some callers may even be put on hold. In precarious, if not dangerous circumstances, victims may be forced to hang up the phone before they receive any help or are even able to talk to a counselor. Many will never call again.

Policy Alternative or Option

Domestic violence call centers don't have to go it alone. Here is an option.

The Administration for Children and Families is addressing the inefficiencies of he domestic violence call centers by building an alliance with other call centers willing to collaborate. The goal is to run a series of experimental trials to learn how best to keep callers on the line for a sufficiently long time to actually obtain help.

Outcome Measurement Methods

Naturally, one of the outcome measures is the length of time callers stay on the line. But a more helpful tack may be to measure how call center representatives…

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