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The post 1919 era saw the emergence of Gandhi and the Congress that replaced British rule, as well as -- and contrary to Gandhi's attempts -- embracing of violence by some parties in order to gain independence.

India achieved her independence in 1947, but with it came a host of unexpected difficulties that the newborn country, until then dependent on Britain, had difficulties coming to grips with. These included development administration and promoting rapid socio-economic progress in a country that undergoing economic stress.

The state services were constructed according to departments and were divided into a descending level of four groups: Group A, B, C, and D. each distinguished by the responsibility of its work and the qualifications of its performers.

Group A -- the most important -- is the general administrative service whose members are annually promoted into the IAS. The higher civil servants generally come from the urban middle class with representation from rural populations being imbalanced. Add to this is the fact that discrimination is routinely practiced in appointment to civil service position with those from certain castes and tribes being ignored. More so, the fact that members of the civil service are paid in proportionate to their contributions (as are doctors and engineers) is one of the factors that continues to contribute to bureaucratic muddle and slowness as well as corruption with low motivation and morale being a result.

Though recruitment to the civil service is still, allegedly based on merit, in actuality, the system has become increasingly politicized with demotions and promotions as well as employment and firing resting on the higher echelon of the executive body. In this case, an imbalance of power has caused growing political interference in administrative matters and both the civil servant and the politician curry with one another in the grasp for favors.


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