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This theme is further argued in the last chapter of the book, which presents a perspective into the future, with Queen Cockacoeske as a future Pocahontas, a future representative of her tribe in the relations with the English.

The question that many of the indigenous people asked themselves, and this is extremely well presented in this book, is how to make this transition better and with as many benefits for them. Their territories were a property they would soon dispense of so a peaceful solution seemed like the best way to handle such a delicate problem.

Townsend makes a strong case for historical truth and the constant search for more information in the creation of history. Her presentation of Pocahontas succeeds in making the reader understand the true value of historical research combined with excellent writing skills. She makes the reader understand and better analyze human nature as many of the stories that are found in the book can be translated into every day life, in which distrust, superiority complex and emotional blackmail are seen. The author also puts forward a sense of respect for the indigenous people and their initial response to the new comers which was positive and laudable, contrary to many of the violent and aggressive actions of over-achieving colonists.

Pocahontas, in Townsend's view, sacrificed herself in trying to help her tribes find a better solution to resolving conflict with the white colonists other than war but failed as it was a mission with no chances from the beginning. Although she had an intense, adventurous life, which suited her personality, Pocahontas represents lost her battle even before she began it.

The author uses primarily secondary sources that deal with the history of Virginia and the Indian populations that inhabited the region. However, the secondary sources used are diverse, ranging from David Quinn's "England and the Discovery of America" to William Strachey's "The Historie of Travel into Virginia Britania." The latter is a particularly useful secondary resource, since it was originally published in 1612 and, as a consequence, contains relevant information written by a contemporary of the events.


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