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The issue in question is that of developing a standard for injury and illness prevention programs. OSHA notes in the white paper that many companies have such programs already, and that some states have also implemented standards for these types of programs. But OSHA also notes that adoption of this type of program is not universal. Many small businesses, for example, find the implementation of such programs to be onerous in particular with respect to cost and manpower. Thus, it is proposed that national standards be adopted as a means of helping more workers receive this sort of training, and to have more companies implement injury and illness prevention programs. The motivation for OSHA is clear. The organization has a mandate to reduce workplace injuries, yet its data shows that 4500 workers die on the job each year, and 4.1 million workers "suffer a serious job-related injury or illness" (OSHA, 2015).

The paper outlines the elements of these programs, based on best practices established in the U.S. and in other countries where there is mandatory adoption of illness and injury prevention programs. The paper also provides data in support of its place, and that there are cost savings associated with these reductions that outweigh the initial cost of the program. I believe in evidence-based policy, and the evidence shows that workplace injury and illness prevention programs reduce costs and reduce injuries and illness.

The business community opposes the standard primarily as a knee jerk reaction. Many business owners are of the view that they should not be subject to government intervention, and this program would be that. These owners react the same way every time government proposes something - a program or a regulation -- no matter what the evidence says on the matter. Quite simply, they are not interested in the big picture, and would rather kill workers to save a few bucks than to actually be decent human beings. The objections are not based on evidence, but rather shrill, emotional reactions unfounded in scientific…

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