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The '1971 Immigration Act and Immigration Restrictions', that are in vogue now has least controversy, compared to restrictions elsewhere. The policy is now well defined.

The huge flow of people from abroad, particularly from the Eastern European region, was having a great strain with regard to society, health, jobs, housing and health. Majority of the UK populace view that migrants are responsible the increase in HIV, other types of diseases, crime, as well as taking away the manuals jobs of the local population as a result of their effort to work at low remuneration as well as long working hours. Economists are of the view that the economy has had advantages of about 6 billion annually from the migrant employees. (Roberts 2007) This comes from the income tax and VAT, which is a part of the Treasury to be used in creating schools, hospitals and transport. It is true that the migrants have created lot of strain and demand with regard to education and health system as well as on the local leadership. On the other hand the key jobs which native Britons shun are done by immigrants. Some of the fallouts are increase in crime rates and deterioration of standard of life.

Immigration has different set of crimes coming up. One problem is the language difficulties that cause problems in investigation. There is also a lot of racist abuse with the settlers being the victims and perpetrators of racist abuse. There is no notion for many on how to have accessibility to health care, and what the nature of their rights is with regard to work. However most of them have access to work. (Roberts 2007)

What are the roles that EU has played?

Since World War II, European countries had international movement of persons and these were the result of political instability, labor seekers, refugees, and in Britain there was immigrants from the colonies which gained independence. The problem with the migrant population is that it comes from a cultural background different from the local population. In the whole of Europe migrants were from poor countries. (Adler, Gielen 2003) "Crimes increase on account of the hate crimes against immigrants and refugees. France for example has 5 million legal foreigners and even illegal immigrants" (Adler, Gielen 2003) The problem in Europe is unique. In France for example "Immigrants are Arabs and Turks in Germany are not integrating into the system. Britain has problems with Pakistanis. These alien immigrants are not only becoming numerous but are taking over the administration of schools, housing complexes and neighborhoods." (Adler, Gielen 2003)

One important fact is that the strife all over the world has increased the number of asylum seekers. As against the applications received in the Western Europe region of about 104,000 during the year 1984, the applications received was 400,000 during the year 1999, although most of these go to the European Union. (Hall 2000) Hall (2000) says that the EU's population is ageing, and there could be a need to selective immigration. Migration was a part of European economic activities with "merchants, craftsmen and intellectuals crossed the continent to practice their trades or start new lives. Millions emigrated from Europe, first to the colonies and later to the Americas and the Antipodes." (Hall 2000) There were forced migrations of the Jews, and other ethnic groups. Migrations to UK and France were the highest from the former colonies and this lasted till the oil crisis of 1973. One striking example of immigrants who are highly skilled can be show in UK during the year 1997. Then "nearly half of the 54,000 permits went to Americans and Japanese mainly in highly skilled jobs." (Hall 2000)

Does the Britain currency


This is because immigration is observed to the Middle East where the Dinar is not as costly in terms of exchange with the pound or dollar. Immigration for Asia is mostly based on the glamour that Britain has retained as the former colonizer. Immigrants'd not bother about the currency rates. Investing by Britons elsewhere is actually to their disadvantage because of the changes in value and hence we may conclude that the currency has no part to play in the phenomenon.

However the globalization has changed the perceptions of investment and currencies are fluctuating in the market as per the global trade on a trade day. There cannot be any special impact on the ordinary person in the currency exchange rate unless the person is transacting in international money on a daily to even annual basis. The value of the Pound is relevant to those immigrants who arrive in the UK and repatriate funds to the country of origin to their dependants in those countries. If the value of the other currencies is lesser than the Pound, then the recipients get the benefit of the difference in their own currencies. This can only be a fringe benefit or perhaps an advantage in migration but is not the primary motive in migrating to or from Britain.

What is the future of Britain's economy?

It is argued that both immigration and emigration creates economic advantages for the prevailing British populace. On the other hand it is also argued that immigration will place a lot of demand on public services, society, environment, housing projects as also the life quality. (Migration Watch 2009) There has been immigration of one million from the EU and half a million are always in the UK. Further it is reported that over half a million immigrants enter UK each year. This can be contrasted with British emigration from 96,000 in 2007 to 237,000. (See appendix for statistical data)

The impact of immigration always is the rise in population. There will be an increase to 10 million during the forthcoming twenty years in UK. Of these 70% will be caused by immigration and some of the latest trends show that recession is likely to reduce immigration but be temporary. The foreign immigration reached 333,000 in 2007. Further the 'projections' of the government with regard to 'household' state that immigration would create the future thirty-nine percent of all of the 'new households' during the forthcoming twenty years. (Migration Watch 2009) The one thing accordingly is the irrational policies that are followed by the government, the chief of them being the tax policies. Taxes can be excessive as in Britain. Thus the tax policies of other nations are an important fact that could increase the possibility of investment being made in a country that offers free trade zones and lesser tax than the parent country to investors.

In the examination of this fact the Shelter Offshore Report (2009) titled "Are Offshore Tax Havens Benefiting from British Higher Rate Tax Payers' Wealth?" points out that the British government's tax policies are making citizens invest offshore from the UK. She claims that beginning of April 2009 the UK government proposed to tax the high earning group much more compared to the less earning group. However they want to place a cap with regard to any relief pertaining to taxation; which the high income group now enjoys on account their investments and savings. The taxes in UK are expected to rise to 50% with tax relief of 20% at source to pension contributions, and if a person's earnings are above £100,000 per annum, the income tax personal allowance will be completely eliminated. And any country that offers a lesser income and other tax rates will naturally attract investments. Thus we must bear in mind that tax competitiveness could be a key to spurring on the investments and consequently the real estate development. This is the primary cause that makes Britons invest in the Middle East and other places.

Unfortunately the future appears bleak. Unless the following steps are initiated as fast as it can be possible, the future of Britain being swamped by people from other countries and Britain losing her identity cannot be avoided.

1. It is mandatory that illegal immigrants be fished out and sent home which must be done in a war footing.

2. There must be some special economic incentives given to Britons who invest in Britain and this though sounds discriminatory must be specially arranged for the British and as opposed to the immigrants.

3. Voting rights of immigrants who have entered Britain within the last 50 years ought to be suspended. As against that, there must be special incentives given to Britons to educate themselves in technical fields so as to be competent enough to find work at home.

4. Immigration from any nation has to be suspended for the next 50 years closing the borders to all but tourists.

5. The tax policies have to be revamped making it possible to earn revenue from the immigrants for the services provided by the state and provide tax holidays to native Britons selectively even…

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