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Interview Questions for Nursing Leadership Roles

Candidate Name:


*Last 4 digits Social Security Number:

Name(s) used While in School:

Date Completed:

*DOB and SS# are used to verify licensure and credentials only and will not be shared with the employer.

Please respond to each of the following questions by typing in the box provided. Provide as much information as you feel necessary using the space provided, however, it is not necessary to use all the space provided.

Describe your leadership & management style.

I am a caring and committed leader, but one that requires a high degree of professionalism and a high level of skill from my direct reports. I like to model the same type of quality care that I expect other employees to practice.

Describe how you believe each of the following individuals or groups would describe you.

a. Your Peers:

My peers would describe me as a person who builds and sustains relationships through cooperation. They would tell you I am a positive person with high standards, who is always willing to do everything within my power to help the organization.

b. Your Staff:

My staff would remark upon my ability to motivate employees while also acting as a sympathetic ear when necessary. They would tell you that I can be tough, but I can also be their greatest ally. I pride myself on the camaraderie I can engender in a team, but I also create an environment of mutual respect.

c. Your Direct Supervisor:

My supervisor would relate that I am a reliable,...


He would say that I am equally good with patients and fellow staff. He would also tell you that I can handle stressful, high pressure situations and that I have developed strong management skills.

d. Medical Staff:

The medical staff that I have had contact with would describe me as an asset to their workplace. They would say that I can be called upon to undertake any task, great or small, with the certainty that it will be accomplished thoroughly and efficiently.

3. Describe your top three strengths.

Relationship building -- I have an ability to create positive therapeutic relationships gained through my experience as a staff nurse and ER manager,

Conflict resolution/problem solving -- I have learned many strategies for trouble-shooting any one of a variety of issues that come up in a day-to-day patient care context,

Organizational/multi-tasking -- I have had a great deal of experience working in large, complex organizations and putting together systems to make them more efficient.

4. Describe your approach to conflict resolution.

I think the best way to handle conflict is to deal with it head on as soon as it appears, so that it does not inflate into a larger issue. I think laying a foundation of cooperation and understanding with employees is of key importance, so that they understand that everyone is working toward a common goal. When conflicts arise, it is important to mediate them. I always encourage both parties to allow their side to be heard, while exploring any relevant evidence. I think it is important that employees know that I am impartial. Together we would discuss the implications of the conflict and the outcome that will best suit the organization as a whole, rather than either individual.

5. Describe the hardest thing you have ever had to do as a leader/manager. How did you handle it?

The hardest thing I ever had to do was suspend an employee. Since you do develop close relationships with employees and learn the circumstances of their lives, it is…

Sources Used in Documents:

references, including your relationship with the individual and their current position/contact information. Include a reference from a peer, subordinate, supervisor, and medical staff member.


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