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¶ … Interviewee

The information technology (IT) professional interviewed telephonically for this paper was the director of quality assurance for a VA medical center in Oklahoma. The director is a registered nurse and masters of public health who has responsibility for the implementation and administration of electronic health records in the medical center and its three supported outpatient clinics, including privacy and security protections for the medical center's decentralized hospital computer system. A set of prepared questions were used to guide interview, notes were taken concerning the interviewee's responses, and the results are summarized below.

IT security

In response to the question, "What are the main factors driving the adoption of electronic health records for the Department of Veterans Affairs?," the interviewee stated, "We have...


Our medical center has been in the lead nationally in adopting electronic health records and our last accreditation visit by the Joint Commission ranked us in the top 10% of all hospitals in the country, civilian and VA, in terms of our use of these technologies. In response to the question, "What are your primary IT security concerns?," the interviewee stated, "The unauthorized disclosure of patient information is an ongoing concern for us, and we even take steps to ensure that our veteran employees comply with security regulations for their own medical records so that proper channels are used for all release of information."

When asked, "Have you experienced any security breaches in the past?," the interviewee hesitated briefly but responded, "Yes, and a couple of incidents were considered serious by our regional and national office and there was an inspector general investigation as a result. One case involved the theft of a laptop computer from a physician's car that inappropriately contained patient information. The doctor had downloaded patient information and was using it for an independent analysis of the efficacy of one surgical procedure compared to another. The other involved our chief of pharmacy who altered purchase data so he could steal thousands of dollars' worth of medications which he mailed to him home. He didn't get caught until a package full of Valiums broke open accidentally when it was being delivered by a UPS driver. He's still serving a lengthy prison sentence."

The final IT security-related question posed to the interviewee…

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