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uh.edu). He also made the electing process more democratic by having conventions where he had representatives from every state nominate a presidential candidate to represent their individual parties. This would provide a more accurate representation of who the people themselves saw as President.

Jackson also had great influence on the economic situation of that era. In order for Americans to start to buy more American goods, Jackson wanted to pass a tariff on all English goods. Although this meant that America would get more of their things sold and purchased, it also meant that Americans had to pay more for necessary goods that came from abroad (McGraw-Hill, p.338). This angered the South who owned property and were most affected by the rise in these tariffs. This was the beginning of the Nullification Act. This act was made as a compromise to steadily reduce the tariff placed throughout the years, but also made the Force Act, which in turn secured that states could not leave the Union just because they disagreed with federal policy, as many states threatened to do in this case (McGraw-Hill, p.339).

As an unfortunate consequence, Jackson was also responsible for passing the Indian Removal Act, which forced Native Americans out of...


The result of this act was the Trail of Tears where thousands of Native Americans died while being forced out of their land (Mc-Graw Hill, pp.341-347).

The Jackson Era was a very influential one in political history. It was the beginning of real political campaigns with things such as political cartoons and slander. Cartoons of Jackson were developed during his time, mocking him and referring to him as King Jackson for his desire to want to control and rule everything (Mc.Graw Hill, p. 338). This also started the need for candidates to personally go to events to appeal to people and get their support. It also began the handing out of promotional materials, such as buttons and posters (McGraw-Hill, p.336). It was truly an Era of political renaissance.


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