Job Descriptions Customer Service Representative. Research Proposal

2. The sales representative retains existing clients by keeping track of inventory data and making frequent follow-up communications. Each sales representative will be assigned to specific clients so that inventory data can be easily managed. The sales representative should make regular check-up calls to clients at intervals determined by the sales manager. This function also comprises a little less than half of the sales representative's time. 3. Identifying new markets or marketing techniques. The sales representative should be able to identify new target markets and make suggestions to his or her supervisor during meetings. This comprises a relatively small portion of the representative's time and may only be a function reserved for the sales manager. Working Conditions: The working conditions of the position vary greatly, as the sales representative may need to drive to clients, spend time outdoors with clients, or spend long hours on the telephone or computer. The position requires mental flexibility as well as tenacity. No special equipment is required for the position, but a car would be helpful.

Minimum Education: A sales representative can succeed with only a high school education, but some college would be helpful for knowledge of basic marketing and communications....


A marketing background would help the representative become more useful in fulfilling the goals of the company.
Sample Job Family for Customer Service

At the bottom level of the hierarchy are the team of customer service representative trainees, followed by the part-time customer service representatives. Next, a group of full-time customer service representatives form the bulk of the job family. A Customer Service Supervisor manages the team of representatives, mediating any conflicts and ensuring quality of service delivery. Finally, regular reports should be delivered to the administrative assistant for record-keeping purposes.

Sample Job Family for Sales Representative

The sales representatives and their trainees are at the bottom of the hierarchy. They report to a sales manager, who coordinates the activities of the sales representatives. For example, a sales manager would assign different geographic sectors to each representative, or assign different target market segments. Also, the sales manager would assign certain clients to one or another representative to ensure quality and continuity of customer care. The sales manager needs only to report to the owner with any advice as to changing the company's marketing approach.

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