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There are a number of really wonderful employers in the United States; companies that are consistently known for their excellent treatment of their employees. Fortune Magazine identifies the top 100 companies to work for each year and gives various details about each company. The company I would like to work for is Methodist Hospital System, Houston. It has consistently been identified as one of the best employers in the country, with a reputation for treating its employees fairly and establishing a great atmosphere. Moreover, this career would be in the healthcare industry, which is projected to be a growth area for the foreseeable future, so it is an excellent field.

Create a brief job description for a position within the company you research that you would like to fill.

The job that I would like is Senior Marketing Specialist. Marketing specialists with the Methodist Hospital System have a unique job because much of their customer base is designated, with doctors doing a large part of the hospital selection by choosing where to practice. Therefore, a marketing specialist for the hospital has to be aware of all stakeholders and ensure that they are receiving a consistent message. The role of the job would be to develop and implement local and national marketing strategies and evaluating how those strategies are working. The Senior Marketing Specialist would also manage relationships with different groups of stakeholders, including clients, physicians, community, and external vendors. The job description would be to develop marketing plans for the various Methodist hospitals, work with leadership teams and physicians to support business plan development, establish marketing priorities, write, edit, and oversee design and production processes for different print media, network with community leaders, work on corporate branding to establish the market process, comply with marketing budget requirements, meet performance objectives.

2.Discuss ways that goal setting could be used to motivate your performance after you fill the position.

Goal setting can be used to motivate employment performance in a variety of different ways. Goal setting has multiple different functions. On a generic level, goal setting helps establish a life plan, and, in a career setting it helps establish a career plan. By knowing what I want to achieve from my career, I can concentrate my energy on how to achieve those goals. Goal setting will also help me identify the strengths and weaknesses that I possess that may help or hinder me in achieving my goals. This is why goals should be fairly specifically defined, so that I can focus on what I need to achieve those goals.

Many people begin their goal setting process by looking at their short-term goals, but I actually believe that looking at my long-term goals is a more appropriate first step to establishing my goals. Looking at my long-term goals, I would actually set up my life plan and determine my long-term personal and professional goals. Considering my personal goal is a critical part of determining career goals because some careers may be incompatible with some personal goals and comparing the two goals in a side-by-side scenario will help identify those areas where there might be a disconnect. There is a saying that you can have it all, just not all at the same time, and mapping personal and business goals together can help me identify where expectations in either might need to be adjusted.

Once I have established my long-term goals, I can focus on establishing those short terms goals that I must accomplish in order to reach my long-term goals. The long terms goals are going to help determine the appropriate short-term goals. For example, I may need additional education in order to achieve my career goals, and, knowing this, I can take the steps needed to advance my education. I can also look at other ways to achieve my career goals. For example, I know that I need to work on my networking ability and a way to do that is to become involved in the volunteer community to enhance my network.

One of the ways that goal setting will help me achieve my career goals is that goal setting allows a person to break their goals down into more easily accomplished smaller goals. This makes it easier for a person to determine whether or not they are achieving their goals. Perhaps even more importantly, having small goals allows a person to determine when and if they are getting off target to reach the lifetime goals. It would also allow me the opportunity to reassess lifetime goals. In fact, that is an important part of goal-setting, realizing that at different points in my lifetime, I might need to reevaluate my goals and change them because I no longer have the same wants or needs that I had when I initially established those goals.

From a theoretical perspective, goal setting has been correlated with employee commitment and motivation. Unfortunately, prior theorists and researchers have not really looked at the issues of employee commitment and motivation as a consolidated unit, but treated the two as distinct human resource concerns (Meyer et al., 2004). However, this reflects a basic oversight in the field, because the greater an employee's commitment, the more motivated one could expect that employee to be. I believe that goal setting and goal achievement will increase my productivity as an employee, if I am working in an organization that is going to help me achieve my career goals. Conversely, I also feel that goal setting will help me identify an unhealthy workplace more easily, so that I can transition into a different career setting if necessary.

3.Analyze your own reactions to stressful situations and discuss the steps you could take to manage the stress associated with your new position.

I respond to stress with several different coping mechanisms, few of which are conducive to a better work environment. First, I am a stress eater. Theoretically, this behavior would have no impact on my actual work environment. However, stress eating is generally going to mean a lower nutritional quality of food, could lead to possible weight gain, and could exacerbate any underlying health conditions that I may develop as I age. Therefore, it cannot be used as a coping mechanism for problems at work, because there is no positive way to use food to deal with any type of emotional issue, including stress. I have actually found that if I make a conscientious effort to work out on a regular basis, I am less likely to turn to food in stressful times and, in fact, feel better prepared to adequately cope with stressful scenarios. In addition, the Methodist Hospital System has a number of employee wellness programs that are aimed at keeping me active and helping me make more healthful dietary choices, so I could use those programs to increase my overall wellness.

Another way that I respond to stress is by finishing tasks before they are due. I have a very difficult time with having any lingering projects on my to-do list. Therefore, I set incremental project deadlines and complete tasks for those deadlines on time. This helps me feel as if I am progressing towards completion, and also helps me avoid feeling overwhelmed by larger projects. I know that this might be difficult or even impossible if I have to work with other people in group scenarios because not everyone approaches project deadlines in the same manner. Therefore, I will have to ensure that in a group environment, I have a set of clearly defined tasks that I can break down into smaller units.

I also differ from the majority of society in that I am consistently identified as introverted. This always surprises people because I am friendly and, even, at times, gregarious around others. However, I have discovered that introversion/extroversion does not really apply to someone's people skills, but is more related to how a person recharges his own internal batteries. When I am stressed, I need a certain amount of solitude in order to recharge my batteries. I have seen that the environment at Methodist is very friendly and am worried that when I need that alone time, I will be viewed as being stand-offish or aloof from my co-workers. Interestingly enough, I am not the only person who worries that social interactions at work might actually be counterproductive to stress management concerns. Beehr et al. challenged the conventional belief that social support is always beneficial to the recipient; what they found is that theoretically supportive actions can actually be harmful to some employees (2010). Most harmful were those interactions that focus on how stressful the workplace is, make the worker feel inadequate, or make them feel that their help is unnecessary or unwanted (Beehr et al., 2010). Therefore, when feeling very stressed at work, I would probably try to avoid social interactions with my coworkers, particularly if I found them likely to bring any of those factors into our interactions.

4.Imagining yourself in the position…

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