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Joint Commission

To determine the spiritual needs of patients and the impact it is having on their treatment options requires focusing on four different questions. These include:

What are the long-term effects of using spiritualism with modern medicine?

Is there some kind of balance that must be maintained during this process?

How can health care professionals incorporate these ideas into their overall philosophy of improving treatment options?

What are the possible drawbacks of using these solutions in conjunction with each other?

These different areas are important, as they will provide specific insights about the long-term effects of spirituality with modern medicine. It is at this point, when key insights can be used to enhance the quality of care patients are receiving.

Write a brief summary of your assessment findings

The different resources that were examined are illustrating how there are conflicting opinions about the best approaches for combining spirituality and the ideas of modern medicine. This is because some healthcare professionals fear there is too much emphasis on these areas. As they will believe that following different religious practices will offer benefits for them. Yet, they do not listen to the advice of practitioners and ignore obvious warning signs surrounding their condition. This can lead to the individual receiving worse care and it can negatively affect various ailments. (Draper, 1998) (Hay, 2002) (McSherry, 2002)

However, there is also the possibility that someone, who has a certain amount of spirituality, requires maintaining a balance in...
...This is because these beliefs can help to create a mind - body connection which assists the patient over the long-term. These factors will improve treatment options, by giving the person a strong connection to contrasting schools of thought. (Draper, 1998) (Hay, 2002) (McSherry, 2002)

The different resources that were examined are conflicted about the overall effect and the lasting impacts it is having. This is from proven research showing how there is a direct correlation between beliefs on spirituality and the underlying levels of health in the patient. At the same time, if there is an over emphasis on these areas, it could have a negative impact on the individual's well-being. This is occurring through them believing that following different spiritual related practices will have an effect on their ability to overcome critical conditions. When in reality, they need to be following proven procedures and protocols. As a result, some kind of balance must be maintained in order to achieve these larger objectives. (Draper, 1998) (Hay, 2002) (McSherry, 2002)

What significant discoveries did you make about the individual you chose to assess?

The basic discoveries that were made about the individual, is that their attitudes and beliefs did have an impact on their underlying levels of treatment. This is because they were using select amounts of spirituality to provide them with motivation and the belief they can overcome their condition. When this happened, they were more responsive to treatment options, took greater care in following the protocol and believed they had the ability to address their ailments effectively. (Bradshaw, 1994) (Swinton, 2002)

The discoveries highlighted that a balanced approach must be utilized by health care professionals. As spirituality will have a positive effect on their mental state and physical condition. Yet, there must not be an overemphasis on these areas, through utilizing different factors in conjunction with proven treatment options. These variables will have a positive effect on the individual and enable them to deal with their conditions by…

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