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Organizational Plan for Peace of Mind Mobile

Description of the management team and requisite talents and skills

The company is a cellular ("cell") phone service designed just for kids aged 6-13 years. The company's cell phones contain tracking capabilities, Internet safeguards, and so on so parents can feel safe when their children on using their cell phones. The management team for Peace of Mind Mobile (hereinafter alternatively "the company") will initially be comprised of three executives who will bring the respective talents and skills set forth in Table 1 below.

Management team for Peace of Mind Mobile and requisite talents and skills


Talents and Skills

Author, Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer

This executive has extensive experience with marketing products and services to young people, including cell phone-related merchandise and mobile apps. In addition, this executive has owned and operated several successful small businesses, including the financing required for start-up. Skilled with all major software suites and some specialized data analysis applications. Especially talented at identifying new trends in this target market.

Jane Stewart, Information Technology Officer

This executive holds a master's degree and brings nearly...


This executive is particularly talented in identifying opportunities for improvement and taking action to effect the required changes throughout an organization.

Jill Sanford, Social Media Director/Sales Director

This executive is a recent college graduate (B.A. in organizational leadership) who has broad-based experience with social media networks and how they can be leveraged into a competitive advantage by smaller companies. This executive is especially skilled at data entry (she can type 100 WPM and type numbers of the QWERTY keyboard without looking) and is a talented graphic artist who can add design elements and "pizzazz" to the company's social media platforms.

This management team is depicted graphically in the organizational chart shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1. Organizational chart for Peace of Mind Mobile's management team

McKinsey 7-S Assessment/Model

Strategy. The company will use a differentiated business strategy to set its cell phone offerings apart from its competitors by highlighting the various safety features that can help parents ensure their children are using their cell phones in appropriate ways and even help keep track of their physical location.

Structure. The company's structure will be vertical, with the executive…

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