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Policing Alongside Native Americans

America is the most cosmopolitan country in the world with virtually every race present. It is described as the new land because of the recent influx of foreigners who traveled to the country. Their increased numbers over time have made the minorities lose their initial dominance. In this sense, it is now a tussle of the foreigners and the Natives over who controls the affairs of the country. In the modern days, the immigrants have come to take over the control of the American affairs and as such, they have managed to lead a clear path of leadership away from them natives. However, the Native Americans remain a distinguished group concerned with the political realignments happening in the country. They act as a swing vote for all the individuals who need elective posts. On matters security, it is technical conducting policing along these native zones as they are in their particular groupings. The main issue with this kind of policing is in penetrating their well-developed structures characterized by organized chiefdoms. This paper discusses the ways and difficulties evident in policing these areas.

Tribal chiefdoms

The American Native communities live within groups that are managed by a system of traditional leadership, which is inspired by a desire to bring all the groupings together. They all ensure they have a chance to lead themselves and secure a better stake in the leadership protocol of the country. These tribal chiefdoms are created within the right structure that was in existence from the onset. It is also known that every other tribal chief within the Native habitation areas insists on perpetrating their ancient leadership styles as inspired by their cultural beliefs. Theirs is a coordination of actions that are inspired by many cultural norms and procedures. This has made them work hard towards securing their zones from foreign infiltration. In all these cases, they have managed to build a strong force and defense that has seen them stand any challenge that could ward them off from the right path in life. In this quest to achieve a better control of their zones, they have always shown a strong presence in their strongholds regarding peacekeeping (Simpson, Thomas, Pendleton & Halliday, 2010). This also allows them to live a structured life that gives them a better control of their subjects. Ideally, the people within these areas recognize the importance of living in protected zones guided by their tribal leaders. In the interest of the country, there are laws that bind everyone on matters of security. These laws have however been tailored to recognize the presence and importance of these tribal chiefs at all times. This has indirectly empowered them to live a stable life that guides them to live cohesively with each other. Similarly, such people have been seen to be engaging in activities that give them a better chance to cooperate with state security. Each of these tribal chiefdoms represents a given native community.

State policing

The government machinery is always there to provide universal security to all the people in the country. It makes it possible to handle all the safety issues in all the regions in the country. Given the type of information shared by all the people in the country, it is important to build all the necessary structures that coordinate the policing in Native regions and the cosmopolitan areas. These regions are better off guided by a cause that will develop a stronger force for everyone within reach. In fact, the Native leaders are expected to cooperate with the government by acting in such a way that gives them access to their zones. It is important to ensure that every other native leader develops a network that gives them information leading to enforcement security efficiency (Nardo, 2013). In this regard, it is advisable to have these leaders involved in state security enforcement plans. This has always brought a clear chance for the Chiefs to access the state at all costs. It enables them to develop a better platform actively to lead their people. Those that develop a better stand to lead will get the government recognition they need. To build a stronger force of people who are guided in this path, the team of government security personnel always works in coordination with everyone who needs its best control ever. State policing will always arrive at a solution to the community areas where Native Americans live. The government has the machinery...


It is through this that it will be possible to ascertain the security preparedness in these areas. The American government has been working hard to build networks with the security networks at the chiefdoms. In all instances of security lapses, everyone must learn the art of team building on the matters that relate to security. Therefore, all that needs to be done is to strengthen such networks that foster teamwork.

The alignment of the security team makes it possible for the whole team to deploy and execute a better move that seeks to bring in a closer view of whom to engage when dealing with those who have a better view of where to build strong networks within the country to help bring security to control. The development of positive factors of power guides the primary cause. As a way of building all these security networks, the state policing agencies have been synchronized with the rest of the state policing team that has made it possible for security enforcement to be smooth. In all these instances, there is a clear chance for the country's leadership to advance a better view of what they want regarding security management. If many issues of utmost importance were addressed from within the guidance of security machinery, many questions keep arising from each of the chiefdoms will have to be built from within the importance of self-regulations. Similarly, many important factors of concern are identifiable from within the precincts of good governance and accountability. It is also useful to act in such ways that build relevant networks for everyone who is within reach. It is important to understand that every other organized structure of leadership needs to be availed by those who ensure significant stakes within the leadership. The main issue that guides better security motives is the common good that people share. It strengthens and builds better efforts for everyone within limits of leadership.

The new chief of police must always establish the right network of security personnel and mechanisms at each of the Native places. It is helpful to guide each of these areas well with the help of those leaders who are always there to help the community among the natives. They will be of great use in establishing what needs to be done to elevate the state of security awareness and support to the state. It is through this that it will be possible to work out useful solutions to the obvious problems that may arise out of the fact that people will secure a better state of control on the happenings within the level structures guided by law enforcement agencies. One other initiative that will guide the whole process of peacekeeping and policing will be to understand the culture and way of life of all those living here. It will help the security personnel understand what happens within the said society. All the most important establishments within the community's security system will assist the police in the family guidance system shown. All those who will understand the beginning and the end of the leadership system will require a better way of dealing with the growing information about the security concerns that develop over time (Hiatt, Botterweck, & Hiatt, 2007). Once the people's way of life has been understood, it will be easy to handle any other problem that may arise within life. Those that concern where to lead the world and where to bring better fortunes will see the best in every action that develops from within such levels guided by the information offered. In the pursuit of good actions, it is important that everyone seek to promote a way of life that secures better developments of security management.

Native community settlements are always best known to have local gangs that threaten security due to the growing poverty levels among the Natives. These people always have a weakness in the way of guiding life and developing instances that depend on where to secure a good living. They choose crime in an attempt to get out of poverty and a way of handling security matters. In building bridges with all those who require better developmental agendas, it is noted that everyone who is interested in developing a workable relationship with the security personnel has to understand the people. Through this network, all the concerned parties have to be brought into the picture for all it cares to do. The main issue that brings in such relevant…

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