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Leadership is an essential element of management within an organization because of the ability of the element to address the needs and preferences of the shareholders and stakeholders within the context of the market of operation. Leadership depends on effective and efficient communication elements and mechanisms thus the need by the management to address the issues relating to the concept within any organization. My workplace faces diverse management issues in consistent basis. In this research, the focus will be on the aspect of ineffective leadership because of the elements of miscommunication or ineffective communication. It will also examine the concept of effective leadership in eliminating miscommunication within the workplace.

Management is an essential concept towards the achievement of the goals and objectives of an organization. There are various management issues in the modern entities under the influence of expansion and globalization as well as the integration of information systems and human resource management (Lloyd, 2012). In my working, one of the management issues affecting the ability of the organization towards the achievement of the goals and objectives is the aspect of ineffective communication of leadership. Communication is an essential aspect towards the success of leadership in relation to the obligations and duties of the senior management within the context of the business entity. Ineffective communication in the organization translates to ineffective and inefficient leadership. The achievement of quality leadership within an organization rests on the ability of the institution to realize effective communication of the ideas, problems, methods, and objectives to various elements.

Ineffective leadership has been one of the management issues affecting my working place because of various readers relating to ineffective and inefficient communication. One of the sources of the ineffective leadership is the case of my working place is the tendency of the leaders or managers to overwhelm employees with words or information. It is ideal to note that persons are always so anxious and self-focused that they spew word out in a similar manner to the burst dam (Thiel et al., 2012). This is always under the fear of objection from the target audience.

This is a reflection in which workforce is overwhelmed by the information provided by the manager or the leader in context hence the generation of the inability of the target audience to capture the scope of the interaction. The overwhelmed workforce normally lacks sufficient time to gather their thoughts in relation to the scope of interaction thus unable to find an essential way of clarifying the situation (Khan, 2012). The workforce becomes bored with the situation of long flow and irrelevant information from the leader thus making the employees to switch-off. The positive feedback might sound good at the initial stance, but bad in the long-run because of the influence. This is an illustration of the concept of ineffective communication between the leaders and the employees.

The second element of ineffective communication by the leaders is the ability and tendency of the managers and leaders to focus on communicating their interests to the target audiences and employees. This is through communicating what interests the persons as they focus to transform and promote the agenda of the leaders. It is ideal for the leaders promote the collective interests of the organization rather than communicating with the target audiences what is important to their interests (Toor & Ogunlana, 2009). This is mode of communication has the ability to evade the needs and interests of the employees or target audiences thus an illustration of the ineffective communication limiting the success of the leaders. The leadership issue in relation to the inability of the leaders to adopt the interests of the company during the communication is costly towards the achievement of competitive advantage in the market and industry of operation.

The leaders in my working place also have the tendency of ignoring the communication markets in which the listeners offer to the leaders as they attempt to communicate their policies and culture. In the context of face-to-face situations, body language and tone of voice are essential in the achievement of quality communication. These communication markers are essential in offering the thoughts of the audiences to the leaders communicating their policies and culture. The ignoring of the communication markers is vital in causing ineffective communication thus ineffective leadership. This is an indication that sensitivity is an essential element for the leaders to communicate…

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