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Hate crimes are crimes involving a person targeted because of their disability, belief/religion, transgender identity, sexual orientation, or race/ethnicity. Hate crimes can also be committed against property. A good example of this is a burning cross on a front lawn. The reality is hate crimes can be committed against anyone and although hate incidents are not crimes, they can easily escalate into crimes. By working with law enforcement and collecting evidence, a hate incident may be prevented from turning into a hate crime.

Hate crime is not as common as it used to be in the United States. Hate crimes were most common during the Civil Rights era when racism was common in the United States. Hate crimes were also commonplace when before the gay rights movement took shape with several highly publicized incidents appearing on the news like the Matthew Shepherd murder and the murder of a trans man by the name of Brandon Teena. These murders are examples of the kind of hate that existed and still exists today in America and the level of violence...


2014 alone had 5,642 single-bias incidents reported. (FBI) Almost half of them (47%) were racially motivated. 63.% of the crimes were against individuals and the rest against property (36.1%). While most of the crimes involved simple assault (37.4%) and intimidation (43.1%), the fact that businesses were also targeted at 17.6% is alarming. (FBI) This means those that are prejudice and angry are targeting their hate not just on individuals, but businesses as well.

Educating one's self on hate crimes provides a better picture of the level of hate crime still around in the United States. The United States may have made progress in electing a black President and providing equal rights to blacks and other people of color since the late 60's, but there is still racism in the country. Considering the amount of hate crimes on people of color whether it is black on white or white on black or black on other, or white on other, it shows that racial tension is strong along with anxieties and fears against the LGBT community who suffered a number of hate crimes at 18.6%. (FBI)

Hate crimes tend to happen in areas where there are not many people. Secluded areas are perfect for someone to commit their crime in secret without fear of anyone coming to aid the victim. Many of the hate crimes against the LGBT community for example, are often premeditated meaning the assailant waits and stalks the victim, knowing where they go…

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