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These aspects count to their competiveness by attracting the unlikely clients to their doors. The thought that other fast food restaurants have faster service has been played down by the ease and perfection that the owner and the employees undertake to attend to client. The most expensive and high nutrition value meal in their menu take only three minutes to prepare. This exemplifies the ease of wining the hearts of the unhealthy fast food eaters to become their clients.

Competitor price inconsiderate of the nutritional value of the food are deemed to be dearer. This aspect implies that people aware of their health needs will prefer to partake in meal that have not only a nutritional value but also an additional advantage in cost. Additional to the cost the organization engages in environmentally friendly measure of food production and preparation. In the advent of increasing concern for global warming the organization is in a position to set an example to the community and business communities surrounding them. Mainly the organization trains members of the community on energy saving measures as well as coming up with production methods that not hazardous to the environment. It also educates the community and clients on the need to embrace non-toxic food production and consumption measures.

Service delivery at Life Alive restaurant is acknowledged to be highly friendly and more welcoming. This elevates the potential of the restaurant to attract more clients owing to the satisfaction of more than a homely environment presents in the service del ivery. Staff and owners at the restaurant have received training to facilitate their ability to satisfy clients by touching their hearts through interactions.

Issues Affecting the Organization

In order to maintain the ideals of a healthy meal solution, the organization is faced with the task of engaging in productive activities additional to preparation. The organization undertakes the obligation to monitor the source of their food produces and educate the producer on the need to avoid bio-hazardous chemicals.

Further, the organization undertakes the obligation enlighten the community around them on the need to embrace healthy eating. This being an ideology that may sound alien, it is difficult to sell it where one lack enthusiasms, skill and capacity. To manage in doing this, the organization has taken to make educative material to the provide information thus requiring a heavy investment. Additional training is also extended to the employees and the managers to the organization who are expected the sell the idea to the people. Staff recruitment process is also a task that is undertaken with lots consideration on their character and ability to embrace the organization culture. Considerably the organization faces a challenge in raising finance to open more branches in order to reach out to a bigger clientele base.

Future Expectations

Given the growth observed in the few years of operation, the organization is expected to have managed to open more branches in major cities. This will also be facilitated by the increasing appreciation by business communities of the ideas being sold by the organization. The likely hood for franchise business ventures as well as more investors and stakeholders is envisaged. The growing appreciation of healthy meal will also increase the level of competition among fast food restaurants that are expected to incorporate in their menus healthy meals to reflect their willingness to reflect the changes in the market.

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