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Joyce is a 68 year-old woman who was born in British Columbia, Canada but moved to the United States with her family when she was sixteen years old. An engineer, Joyce has lived in seven different countries while on contract for her work. She is currently settled in Ashville, North Carolina where she is semi-retired. Joyce says that she still does consulting work as an engineer but that she is trying to “phase out” of a high-pressure lifestyle and ease her way into what she calls the “Third Act” of her life. Joyce does not like the term “golden years,” as she believes it connotes old age. She considers herself young and healthy, and stays active by hiking and doing yoga.

Because of her job, her being a dual citizen, and her lack of interest in politics, Joyce claims that she has remained relatively detached from what is going on in the United States. Significant historical events that have impacted her life included 9/11, which she claims had a huge impact on almost everything she can think of, changing the ways the companies she contracts for do business around the world. She preferred not to get into the details too much but said that the business environment around the world had become almost hostile to American firms, and that this was opening the way for firms in other countries to step in. She said that American policies have shifted in ways that may hurt engineers and scientists in the future, and that she hopes things will change.

Joyce is willing to comment on what it was like to be one of the few females in her field. She states that when she first graduated from Stanford and became a full-fledged engineer, she saw only a few female faces among her peers. When she traveled to other countries, she saw even fewer. Joyce claims that she notices more women in the field of structural engineering, but that most of the women who go into engineering are drawn to different aspects of the profession. Joyce has spoken at conferences, and once delivered an address on women in STEM. She feels passionately about helping more young girls consider STEM careers, and has been working with the state’s department of education. Although she is not interested in a public speaking career per se, Joyce says that she is willing to do her…

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