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Caring for others has also been my primary means of self-expression, the one way I have been able to give back to the community and hopefully enhance the lives of others. As a LPN I have been successful but I know that I would be a more effective health care professional as an RN. With advanced nursing credentials I will enjoy an increased level of responsibility and the option to specialize in a select field of health care. Moreover, as an African-American female I can contribute positively to the diversity and caliber of the administrative nursing team at my health care institution and offer a diversity of perspective and opinion when I interact with patients and coworkers.

Although my primary ambition is to heal others by working directly with patients in a professional setting, I also hope to participate in hospital administrative and decision-making procedures. Nurses have the potential to transform their places of employment because of their intimate knowledge of the day-to-day operations of the institution. From catering services to medical technologies, hospital services vary widely from institution to institution and I hope that I can improve the lives of all patients and my coworkers by being mindful of any problems that might arise in the health care setting, problems that could adversely affect quality of care.

As a single mother and the primary care giver for my aging and ailing father, I have worked hard in my personal life as well as my professional life. A depth of love and compassion derives from selfless service, an attitude that I will continue to bring to my career. As a Registered Nurse I will ensure that patients receive the best, most professional and most educated care possible. Your scholarship will allow me to contribute to one of the world's most noble professions as an RN and I assure you that I will represent your organization as a skilled health care professional. Thank you for your consideration.

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