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Linux and Open Source Software

Pros and Cons of Linux

"Open source secure operating systems are now available, which are compatible with existing software, and hence are attractive for organizations…" (Guttman, 2005). SE Linux offers well thought out security services. It is good for systems that host Web-facing services that must be exposed to potential attacks…" (Brooks, 2004). SE Linux strengthens the operating system security through tighter privileges and allows for choice among OS vendors. It provides for mandatory access controls and types that determine which resources may be assessed and by whom.

Changing a system's behavior...
...It requires expertise to configure and use properly and is vendor lacking in support. Writing policies is time consuming and is possible to write conflicting policies. From a user's desktop, this could be confusing during a set up or migration phase.

"Vista will have enhanced security features for users (Fantana, 2006). Corporate users with VPNs could face difficulty transitioning to Vista, especially with biometrics and tokens. Users will have to go through testing periods during migration and will have to support different client side code and separate interfaces that will present retraining issues. The Winlogon and logoff will have to be rewritten for homegrown authentication mechanisms using the Credential Provider model, which dates back to Windows NT. A complex method of chaining will be required that all users will have to move to. The good side is that it will provide more security to the operating system, which means more security for the customers as well in ordering processes.

Open Source Software

Open source software will probably make Fortune 500 companies because it is providing more security in operating systems, which is the first thing that operating systems need in order…

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