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Indeed, the control function will create a feedback mechanism that will allow the leader or manager (at all levels of the organization) to be constantly informed as to the way that benchmarks are reached, as well as to any potential problems that might appear along the way. This means that the control function is the first phase in actually correcting the potential errors that might appear in the organization.

In Jack Welch's case, the control function as he applied it allowed him to monitor his group of human resources so as to emphasize the most important and most productive 20% and the underperforming 10%. By monitoring and controlling this benchmark, he was able to induce and maintain an organizational culture based on performance as one of the fundamental and defining goals.

5) One of the strategies by which a healthy organizational culture can be maintained proposes to support a close relationship between the employees. This would mean an open culture, a culture of communication, a culture where employees will meet relatively often in informal circumstances and refer to the way the company is progressing etc. Among tactical actions and instruments that can be used, we can mention things like teambuilding actions and informal meetings with the employees. This type of actions would bring the employees together for discussions outside the company's more rigid structure and will encourage them to collaborate, get to know each other and communicate.

On the other hand, a strategy that would promote information as the key to the organizational culture would also be successful in maintaining a healthy organizational culture. Indeed, this would provide the employees with the empowerment of being informed with the most important decisions of the company's management, with the direction that the company is following and with its next steps, as well as the participation expected from each employee in terms of company activity.

The combination of a communication strategy with an informational strategy is complementary in achieving the proposed goal of creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture because each strategy is virtually based on the other.


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