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I will address the group with a general overview of the problems the company is facing, with the assertion that I believe it can be rectified. I will ask each employee to work together for the good of the company and its survival in the e-business world. The purpose of the conference will then be to involve every employee in restructuring the company in a more effective way.

To achieve this, I would divide the employees into smaller groups of 10 members or so each. The first issue to address is the vision, mission and goals. Each group will be asked to come up with suggestions. The second step will be to identify the various actions to reach the goals, and the third step will be to more effectively restructure the company. For the latter, the groups will be provided with a list of the divisions within the company. They will then discuss the effectiveness and need for every division, after which they will be allowed to cross out and add as each group sees fit. Finally, the need for communication will be addressed. Employees will be asked for suggestions to improve the communication channels within Yahoo's framework, and within the restructuring strategies suggested in each group.

At the end of the conference I will collect all the work completed by the groups, and choose the two or three that appear to be the best solutions to our problems. In order to cultivate a sense of fun rather than stress, I would also make a competition out of this. The three best choices will be posted on the company's message board, with boxes for votes. Each employee will then be invited to vote for the best suggestion. The group that offered the winning suggestion will then be rewarded with something like a gift or a holiday.

In order to retain our sense of fun rather than formalized business, I will continue to hold competitions in order to both improve the company and to cultivate the sense of play. This will integrate Yahoo's company with the need to restructure the organization. In terms of communication, each personnel member will be invited to make suggestions or communicate problems either via email or via a physical complaint and suggestion box on the premises.

In conclusion, the recognition of the problem is the most important aspect of the case. Yahoo's management needs to analyze the problem and all its various aspects. Solutions can be offered in an integrated way by communicating with all personnel members. This will reduce the stress associated with change and the restructuring process. Each employee should also have the opportunity to communicate the aspects of the company and its culture the he or she would like to retain even in the face of change. A more formal structure does not mean that all the fun needs to vanish. It simply means cultivating a work ethic so that the fun can continue for…

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