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Management Case Study

Scenario- We are an event management company. Our team has been asked to plan an event for 200 people in an outdoor "green" space. The event includes workshops, breakout meetings, breakfast and lunch.

Overall Task- Since the event has been requested in a "green" or outdoor space, the first consideration will be the venue and time of year. If the event is in a reasonable season (Mid-late Spring through Early -- Fall), it is likely we can find a venue that can accomplish this. The major consideration will be weather, specifically wind and rain, and proximity to back-up shelters if the need arises. The venue should include tents to cover areas for eating, and potentially meeting. Open air venues can also be problematical due to temperature fluctuations -- it is either too hot or too cold, and it is sometimes difficult to find a medium ground. In addition, power has to be brought to an outdoor event if there will be any presentations (films, videos, electronic smart boards, audio, etc.). Cost will be a factor, of course, specifically in the event of distance, extra back up precautions, the number of attendees, types of meals, etc.




Potential Fix or Consideration


Will the venue be in the city, or will it need to be a drive away? If far, how will attendees get to event -- own transportation or company bus? What is the optimal distance for this organization?

Try to find a venue that may be available for wedding parties; there is usually an outdoor area; depending on the number and size of the group, there is also usually a back-up kitchen. These venues tend to be easy to find and not far from the urban center.

Number of Attendees

The event is stated for 200 people, that is rather large for an outdoor catering/meeting place. This complicates the issue and might result in needing to find a golf or country club atmosphere.

The number of attendees focuses attention on the venue -- it cannot be too small or there will not be room for meetings, etc. It also cannot be too spread out, or it will be inefficient.

Type of Food, Drink

Not sure how long the event is; how many meals; if just one breakfast and lunch, then the breakfast could be cafeteria style, with buffet stations (omelets, eggs, pancakes/waffles, pastries, etc.). Lunch could be sit-down; depending on the type of company and the budget, the food could range in quality and complexity.

If the event is outside, there are some limitations to types of food. It would be advisable to have lunch include mostly cool items that…

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