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I will also be involved in handling and addressing employee work-life imbalances to steer them towards nothing less than achievement.

Player development

Building a happier and a more satisfied team requires some effort to reduce conflict and improve their working relationship. Teams are the force that drives most organizations, be it a functional team, a team of managers or a project team makes work easier and more effective. My key role in player development is to mentor the team members to solve problem, make better decisions, and learn new skills so that performance and productivity don't suffer.

The team, just like any other groups will therefore need a well formed team dynamics so that we have a well modeled player who will be part of the team and not act as individuals. The commonly known dynamics that are found in teams are roles, norms, relations, need to belong, development, effects on behavior and the social influence. It is apparent that the members of a group will fulfill something more than just accomplishing the tasks that they are assigned and this is when the group can be said to be undergoing the 'group process' i.e. The understanding of the behavior of the team members who are trying to solve a problem. This is very significant since the allocation of roles in the group purely relies on the personality of each individual and this cannot be possible unless there is understanding of these personalities by each member of the team.

A team that will bear many results is one that there is balance of personalities as well. This is the inclusion of each member of the team in the process of the team work. There must be deliberate effort to include the most silent person in the discussion just as to moderate the very talkative person in the team.

A good team will also recognize the diversity that there is in the group in terms of sex, race, age, culture, religion and many other factors and utilize these traits, or encourage each other to make use of the diversity that exists in the group for the good of the group. It is also significant to note that the management of group dynamics can emerge from any part of the group and that the person selected to be the head of the group may not be necessarily the best person for the job. The group is entirely responsible for their own effectiveness (Ann Marie N. & Joyce S., 2009). These are the fundamentals that I will be looking forward to enable bring into fruition within the Golden State Warriors team.

I shall also make efforts to understand other people's perspective in a greater and keener manner and where appropriate implement their suggestions to improve relationships with them, fairly evaluate each employee and reward them accordingly.

When team members have personal goals that don't agree well with team goals, conflicts and hidden behavior is likely to crop up. As a leader, my role will be to identify the sources of competing values and come up with ways to fix them.

As a manager I will also support individual development. Team players need to learn new skills so that they can be in a position to meet team expectations by finding resources to support each person's development goals, setting individual performance goals and engaging follow up training programs to determine employee potential and areas of improvement if need be.

Effective working relationships are built by understanding each team members' needs, preferences and styles of work and this process will benefit the organization as whole.


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