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It is perfectly aligned with the message of the city and its reputation.

Marketing Communications Question

This approach to defining a price adjustment driven by the strength of the Canadian dollar is not as effective as concentrating on why Chrysler as a brand in general, and specific models in particular, are worth considering over competing brands and models. Only focusing on price tends to drive down the value of a brand and its vehicles over time and implies that cars are price-elastic. This is in fact certainly not the case, cars are definitely not elastic in their demand curves. They are much more price inelastic and therefore require more than just a focus on price to sell them. The advertisement needs to concentrate more on the value of the Chrysler car first, not pushing on price alone as demand will prove to be inelastic...


It is specifically telling them that if they can afford such higher-end rents they can afford a mortgage as well. The focus is on high income, young individuals who may not see themselves as part of that demographic segment. The appeal is to begin creating equity and ownership while not sacrificing the freedom they feel as young professionals. It is an appeal to home ownership (and a mortgage) that attempts to strike a chord between still having freedom and fun and achieving home ownership.

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