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photographic work of Martha Rosler. The writer focuses on how the various photographs depict the 20th century. The writer discusses the use of color, light, image and idea to illustrate the picture painted of the 20th century by Rosler.

United States artist Martha Rosler has worked to provide a cataloged version of the spaces and moods of 20th century hearts and minds. She worked through her travels with a camera and shot things that she believed were representative of heart of America. The pictures tell stories that branch off into ideas of their own with the light and the images that are portrayed in them. The combination of people and objects blend a sense of surreal images so that the viewer can either focus on the literal image or the more abstract idea that is born from the idea. There were many photographs over several decades that the artist used to later provide the world with a collage of the 20th century, and the collage is a historic collection for the future as well.

Martha Rosler

To understand where the artist was coming from when she clicked the camera over the years it is important to understand a little bit about her as a person as well. Rosler was born in New York and received her M.F.A. from USC in San Diego California in 1974. She works in many mediums including video, photo text and performance. She also is well-known for her critiques of performances and works. Her life has been dedicated to showing the social issues that are experienced by sharing societal space.

The examination of her photographic work pertaining to the illustration of the 20th century must include a look at several pieces which use light and shadow to make their…

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