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Healthcare Organization

Provide a brief description of the facility or organization.

The Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit health organization and research group based in Rochester, Minnesota. It is the first and largest nonprofit entity that employs more than 3,800 doctors / scientists and 59,000 allied staff members. They specialize in treating some of the most difficult cases through tertiary care solutions. It spends over $500 million a year to help patients to alleviate suffering. They have facilities located in Minnesota, Florida and Arizona. Each one of them is serving the needs of stakeholders and helps them to achieve critical objectives in the process. This has resulted in them becoming an important provider to assist patients and alleviate suffering. ("About Mayo Clinic," 2014)

Describe your research method

The research method is focused on utilizing the mixed method approach. This is when there is a focus on different sources to understand the underlying trends and comparing them with each other. At the same time, various pieces of numerical data are used to understand what is happening. According to Wyse (2011), this involves using both qualitative and quantitative approaches together with her saying, "Qualitative research is used to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations. It provides insights into the problem or helps to develop ideas or hypotheses for potential quantitative research. Qualitative Research is also used to uncover trends in thought and opinions, and dive deeper into the problem. Qualitative data collection methods vary using unstructured or semi-structured techniques. Some common methods include focus groups (group discussions), individual interviews, and participation/observations. The sample size is typically small, and respondents are selected to fulfill a given quota. Quantitative research is used to quantify the problem by way of generating numerical data or data that can be transformed into useable statistics. It is used to quantify attitudes, opinions, behaviors, and other defined variables -- and generalize results from a larger sample population. Quantitative Research uses measurable data to formulate facts and uncover patterns in research. Quantitative data collection methods are much more structured than Qualitative data collection methods. Quantitative data collection methods include various forms of surveys -- online, mobile, paper, kiosk surveys, face-to-face, telephone interviews, longitudinal studies, website interceptors, online polls and systematic observations." (Wyse, 2011) These different methods will provide the best insights about what is happening through taking a different approach to understand what is happening. This is when specific insights can be used to understand the organization, the quality of services it provides and the impact it is having on stakeholders. ("What is mixed method research," 2012)

Describe the databases and findings

The basic databases that were utilized are through conducting a Google search. This helped to identify the attitudes of the Mayo Clinic and the impact it having on stakeholders. For example, the information that was uncovered is illustrating how they were the first hospital to use social networking and the Internet to connect with consumer. At the time, many health organizations felt that these were unethical practices. According to Hume (2013) this helped them to receive answers and gain better insights about a host of health related issues with her saying, "The cornerstone of Mayo Clinic's online marketing is its website. The Mayo Clinic were early adopters of the internet. Their website domain was first purchased back in 1997 which must have set the cat amongst the pigeons with those old naysayers back in the day! The design has changed quite a lot over the years. Today its main message is that the Mayo Clinic is where real people, find real answers. Mayo makes good use of social networks with links to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. There are several Mayo Clinic Twitter accounts including @MayoClinic, @MayoClinicJobs, @MayoClinicNeuro and @MayoClinicME. Just one of them has over 600,000 followers. It is significant that social networking plays such an important role to Mayo Clinic's healthcare marketing that they have drawn up and published a very clear set of social media guidelines for their employees to follow when participating in online social activites. This is a wise policy and one that more large employers should consider implementing. Mayo has maintained an active Youtube channel for the last 5 years. With over 2,600 videos and 12,000 subscribers, it is an effective marketing channel where they can share a wide variety of information from health tips and surgical information to marketing messages." (Hume, 2013) These insights are showing how the Mayo Clinic is using different platforms to connect with stakeholders. As a result, the findings are demonstrating the way this is influencing how they market to consumers and the tools that are utilized.

Describe at least 2 strategies you could use to segment your market.

There are two different marketing strategies which are utilized to promote the Mayo Clinic to various healthcare orientated consumers. These include: relationship and word of mouth marketing. The relationship approach is focusing on ways to help everyone to have a strong relationship and image of the organization. This is achieved through the different websites they maintain, various social networking platforms and You Tube videos. Each one of these areas offers them with free research about various health related issues. This enables them to use the various facts and figures to create an avenue of building upon the reputation they have established as one of the premier healthcare facilities in the world. (Farrell, 2012)

The word of mouth approach is focused on building off patient advertising to have an impact on organization by serving as testimonials. These views help to build the reputation of the organization and connect with stakeholders. In the case of the Mayo Clinic, they have traditionally relied on their patients, families and renowned research to have an effect on its reputations. Over the years, this has enabled the organization to establish itself as one of the cutting edge facilities for delivering a variety of healthcare services. (Farrell, 2012)

A good example of this can be seen with observations from the CEO who said, "For more than 100 years, the Mayo Clinic's built an enviable reputation and medical practice. People all over the world regard it as one of the best places to treat any illness, and it has routinely come in at the top of hospital rankings. I think it all comes down to our core value, which is that the needs of the patient come first. I know that might sound kind of trite in today's world, but our staff is extraordinarily committed. If you spend a day here, and you grab anybody at the Mayo Clinic and ask them what's the purpose of your work, they would say "to meet the needs of our patients. I've been working here 22 years and I've never had a physician say they're too busy to help me with a patient, day or night. That's probably why Mayo has been the leading brand in medicine for the last 100 years. Sometimes we have to make decisions that don't make a lot of sense from a business standpoint, but they're the right thing for the patient. I mean, we don't want to make stupid decisions that will get us in financial trouble, but whenever anything comes up, there is a singular focus on that. In my role, what I hear every day from patients and family members is that the minute they step onto a Mayo campus, whether it's in Rochester, Minnesota; Scottsdale, Arizona; Florida; or in our large integrated health system, they immediately sense that there's something different. They feel it right from the first person they speak with and it's the physicians, it's the science, it's the engineers and technologists. It's that patient focus and a relentless focus on quality. This goes all the way from the heart surgeons down to the cleaning staff." (Nisen, 2013) These insights are illustrating how Mayo Clinic is using its reputation and ability to work with stakeholders to make a difference in the quality of care. This is leading to positive word of mouth advertising and it has built its reputation as one of the premiere health organizations in the world. (Farrell, 2012)

How does this profile provide you with insight on how the people in this area perceive your organization?

The profile provides insights, on the way the Mayo Clinic is able to make a difference in the lives of people from various walks of life. This is occurring through putting the interests of the patients ahead of profits. These are the foundation for helping it become known as one of the best providers for healthcare. At the same time, they have engaged in groundbreaking research to make a difference in the lives of stakeholders. Evidence of this can be seen with the CEO saying, "We have a very strong research effort -- we invest 600 million a year in our research, half of that is Mayo dollars [and] a third of it comes from the National Institutes of Health. Our research is very integrated. You've probably seen…

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