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MCI- World Com

My name is Thada Parker, and I am submitting a suggestion that could make MCI World com be able to achieve its goal in maintaining its services to society. No one wants to see MCI-World com lose its business. You have brought the Internet to us, which has significantly advanced our lifestyles. As you know, the Internet has made a great contribution to the economy. I have read about the objectives of World com written by the Chief Executive, John Sidgemore, to continue to provide services to the community. The purpose of my paper to prove how MCI-World com can take every ones focus away from the accounting error and place the focus on the positive effects of the Internet that you brought to us by making the Internet much more widely available.

Every company has had setbacks and disappointments, and the accounting problem was major because your company brought the world into a new advanced technology that would have never been possible without the Internet. Sometimes, the more significant impact a company makes on society, the more exposed the setbacks and frustrations of the company will be. Smaller businesses make bad judgments too, but one never hears about them because the stories will not make headlines. No one cares about the bad business decisions of smaller companies whom have made no significant accomplishments for society. Many times though, companies used their misfortunes as a form of advertisement and I want to persuade you to do the same thing.

According to John Sidgmore, President and Chief Executive Officer, World com is working with a committee to reorganize its plans. I know World com wishes to continue to provide more services and make an even greater impact on every ones lives. The hardest part is going to be attracting the trust of investors, due to a recent major scandal. Attracting investors to keep the company going may be difficult, but it is not impossible.

Inventing new products that will make an even more significant impact on the lifestyles of people than the Internet will not be easy. On the other hand, coming up with ideas of the Internet and cellular phones, which is what made MCI-World com very popular was not easy either. Before the Internet and cellular phones, no one could imagine its existence, but now no one can imagine living without the Internet.

How on earth can you improve on something that allows access to the stock market, can all travel arrangements at prices competitive to travel agents, sign contractual agreements, open bank accounts and transfer funds within minutes and in the convenience of ones home? By making the service more available while traveling.

Improving Internet Availability:

Today, many people spend just as much time in hotels and traveling in their cars. The telecommunications and the Internet brought us into this new age. Now our society is demanding that technology stays modern and constantly progressing. The tough job market clearly states this fact! No matter how advanced our society will get, we will always demand faster and easier ways of doing business. According to a 1999 report, Our Current Economy: What is the Real Story, "in 1990 about 15% of the U.S. households owned a personal computer. Nearly half of all Americans now use the Internet with more than 700 new households being connected every hour. From 1993 to 1999 Internet connections as a percentage of U.S. classrooms went from 3% to 50%." This source was written in 1999, and the percentages are probably around 80% today.

Today's society cannot exist without the Internet; No one would ever consider opening a business without Internet access. For traveling business people, musicians and other artists who spend enormous amounts of time on the road, accessing the Internet for weather conditions, flight cancellation notices, or staying in touch with their families, can be very difficult. Looking for a Kinko's, shopping mall or a library is very time consuming. Many problems would be solved if the Internet was much more accessible.


I am encouraging MCI-World com to see that every automobile and hotel room is equipped with a personal computer with Internet access. Every airline seat should also have a computer with Internet access. This should be mandatory and required to stay within legal safety regulations.

The Internet has affected our economy in very positive ways. Education and medical technologies have advanced, and businesses are able to produce newer inventions that provide recreation and entertainment to everyone. The Internet service has boosted the world's economy at a very rapid rate. Ceo's and entrepreneurs will have the information available to them to conduct business arrangements faster and easier. More benefits of having widely available Internet services includes constant access to the stock market, staying current with new business trends, keep updated on weather conditions, and have constant communication with their company's home office. Company's information on clients and competition will always be readily available.

Attracting Investors;

With marketing and research, gathering evidence to show a demand for an easier accessible Internet to prove to investors this service is needed, will most likely take very minimum effort. Any one, including the investors themselves, would be able to immediately relate to the benefits of the convenience of more easily accessible Internet services. The constant update of the stock market would most definitely be a major selling point to investors. "A factor influencing our economy is the potential buyers for American goods and services in foreign markets. The difficulty is getting a handle on what is happening. One day Japan looks great, and the next day it's on the verge of collapse. The same for the rest Asia, Mexico, and a whole range of South American countries. The European common market is real and adds stability to the overall equation" (Cymrot 1999).

At this time, there is no competition to compete with because the services are not available from other companies. But for research, customer surveys can be conducted to collect the statistics of interests. Collected evidence will show investors the demand for the product and proof the company's marketing department has put forth effort and time to research the value of the product.

An important factor in setting this plan up is to convince the airlines, hotels and automobile factories that their business will not be able to operate without providing availability of full service computers with Internet access. Results that are collected from the customer's opinions during the research will be a very useful source in showing the airlines, hotels and automobile manufacturers just how important it is to make this service more available. Like anything else, it is easy to get people to follow along after something has been proven successful, but getting companies to take the first chance is more challenging.

One way around this is to convince congress that our society would be much safer with more Internet access and that laws should be passed requiring personal computers to be available while traveling. First, gather accident reports that could be related to lack of available information. Prove how more accessible information could have saved many peoples lives, or perhaps show how children can be easily protected in airports and hotels and other places by using these services. Kidnapped children are more likely to be seen when everyone is accessing the Internet more often. Another powerful point is to come up with evidence that the attack on America on September 11, 2001 could have been prevented by a more easily acceptable Internet service. Once the evidence that having Internet service available to everyone all of the time will save many lives, then submit this evidence to congress, and suggest that laws be passed requiring all automobiles, airplanes and each individual hotel rooms must be equipped with full-service up-to-date computers with Internet access. If congress can be convinced that such a law needs to be passed, then the barrier of convincing the targeted companies will be taken care of.

The Results of the Service:

Once the most clever sales people convince everyone that the population will be in a crisis without the existence of more available Internet service (keeping in mind it does not have to be true, but just make people believe it is true), then the result will be that everyone will have a more accessible Internet availability. Just as the Internet has increased the speed of technology inventions, having an Internet more accessible to everyone will bring even more advancements and solutions to problems. New inventions for recreational, fun and business will be possible.

So if MCI -World com can imagine how much more money the company would have made, and possibly the prevention of the accounting crisis by having the Internet available nearly twenty four hours, you would have to agree that this solution is very much in demand. The stockholders would have caught accounting problems much sooner, or at least avoided the publicity if the Internet was more readily available.


My name is Thada…

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