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¶ … Memorial Hospital," the hospital is privately owned and contains 600 beds for patients. It also offers a wide range of services like X-ray facilities, an intensive care unit, a cardiac care unit, an emegency room, a complete laboratory, and a psychiatric ward. The hospital has great services however, these services are offered in other healthcare facities and hospitals in the surrounding area. In order to prevent additional costs, the hospital avoided hiring specialists and providing specialized services as these additional services and medical practioners were costly. In order to provide quality of care, the hospital places an emphasis on personal attention provided by a ursing staff to each and every, singlel patient. Patient-oriented care is there way of attracting new patients and thus have been used as the subject matter for their ads on television and in newspapers. Janice is instructed to discover a way to measure quality of care in order for the hospital to fulfill the promise they say in their ads and keep patients satisfied.

In order to measure quality of care along with customer satisfaction., appraisal costs must be taken into consideration along with implementation and awareness of continuous improvement. Continuous improvement stands to ensure no matter how good a company or organization is, it can always make improvements. This is important for the hospital and its desire to provide top quality care. Prevention costs such as


This must also be taken into account when devising the costs/expenses when improving or maintainingt quality within the hospital.

Some ways the hospital could measure quality is by devising a survey/questionnaire and asking patients to rate the treatment they receive by the hospital. This is an affordable way to easily qunaitfy how well the hospital is treating its current patients. Another way is doing quick interviews with patients and asking patients to give suggestions on improving quality of care. This will not only identify potential issues in care, but also see what positive elements are noticed by patients, avoiding unnecessary expenditure on some services or training.

The potential costs may be incumbent on the value of life in the sense that if they can keep a patient alive, the hospital can gain money from the treatments paid for by the insurance companies. If quality of care is low and patients die, the result is less medical services and less money for the hospital. The main costs of quality lie in training medical personnel and providing functioning and up-to-date tools for medical care.

TQM or top quality management is a structured and comprehensive methodology meant to augment…

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