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Though filled with opportunity, it is also filled with people who missed the golden ring and slipped through the cracks, winding up living on the streets and begging for handouts to survive. This is the landscape that tourists are warned about and natives attempt to ignore by walking by them oblivious to their plight. This is not the celebrity singing cowboy street person who entertains, this is the homeless man in a wheelchair who represents man frailty and how close we all are to the streets. He is the New York that is hard to look at because if we look to closely we might find ourselves.

Then there is the New York of the elite. The debutantes, stockbrokers, old money, new money, famous; these are the royalty of America. They dine in fine restaurants, shop in the best stores, and spend an inordinate amount of money on the finer things in


They reached for the golden ring with both hands and held on tight, succeeding even beyond their wildest dreams. Rolling to the front of Bergdorf's and being escorted from their limo for a shopping spree designed to buy absolutely nothing they need but everything they want and desire. It is the New York of monetary decadence and extreme. It is mink coats, yachts, penthouses, polo, fur coats, high fashion, fine art museums, central park, models, entrepreneurs, and old, old, old money mixed with the new money of the Madonnas and Woody Allens. It is glitzy and glamorous and caters to the whims of the wealthy. This New York is prepared to offer up any and every expensive item the heart may desire, if one is prepared to pay for it. It is the ultimate symbol of success. It is the New York for people who have proven that they 'can make it there' and now get to live the life to prove that they can indeed 'make it anywhere.'

New York, in its many incarnations is still the city of dreams, sometimes, however, they are…

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