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What are some key differences between BCG and GE portfolio matrices? Please consider an industry in which you have worked, are working, or would like to work when addressing the questions.

The key differences between BCG and GE portfolio matrices is their overall usage. Here a BCG matric is used primarily to decide capital allocations decisions. The matrix is also very simple being divided into four segments to based on industry growth and industry market share. Although simplistic, it does provide management with a broad guide on how to properly allocate capital to segments within their business. For example, a high growth market with the business having high market share is considered a Star. Here a majority of capital should be allocated to this business as it provides the highest potential for risk-adjusted profits. In this instance Stars are businesses that earn profits well above the companies cost of capital. An example would be Google and its advertising platform. Here, the company has large market share within a very high growth market. This market is poised for higher growth as countries such as China and India continue their digital transformation. As a result, addition resources and funds should be allocated to this business. This is in contrast to the GE matrix which focuses primarily on product lines and their relative merits to each other. Here, the matrix is much more inward looking and focuses on business strength and its market attractiveness. Here, the matrix can be much more complex as more variables such as pricing trends, distribution channels, competitive positioning, and scale are taken into account. This matrix therefore requires a much more comprehensive understanding of the nuances between each business line (Anderson, 1984).


1. Anderson, C. and Zeithaml, C., 1984. Stage of the Product Life Cycle, Business Strategy, and Business Performance. Academy of Management Journal, 27(1), pp.5-24.

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