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Myra Levine Nursing

Reasons why the MYRA LEVINE NURSE theorist developed the theory

Myra Levine an influential figure in the nursing vocation set up new methods which were effective for educating the nursing degrees students with fundamental concepts and caring, of the patients (Parse 2009). Her objective was to present individualized and reactive care of the patients which concentrated less on medical procedures and maximized on individual contexts of the patients. With this, it led to nursery theory's creation and patient care approach. The theory implies criteria which help in evaluating the nurses and what to do.

It offers concepts which are skilled in sustaining research which are useful to the nurses. Hence, it creates knowledge which is exclusive to the nurses. By that, it enhances the nurse's status as a better profession. In promoting the research, the nurses' theory endorses the education of the nurse (Allan 2011). With that, the nurses' education and practices will be on the same level with other academic disciplines. The theory is best when it comes to giving the nurses motivation in their line of duty. It encourages and stream limes the sector to the uttermost.

The other objectives for the Myra Levine development of the theory include; for the assessment of the patient's condition through which the nurses would know the various methods to use. The different methods are explained by the Myra Levine nursing theory. The treaty also demonstrated a perfect communication channel and relations with the patients being treated. Finally, the theory helped in evaluating the extent of the process and its success.

Assumptions made by the MYRA LEVINE nurse theorist

Some of the Assumptions made by Myra Levine were; the nurses are supposed to create a healing environment for patients, the second assumption being that, Human beings response to treatment can be so predictable and expected while their bodies are unique in the way they respond. A human being has the ability to know something and evaluate its condition or the various situations affecting (Parse 2009). Human beings reactions to situations are personally determined even in an emotional situation. Human beings are able to prolong likeness through various strategies, which can raise a lot of questions. The assumption that human beings must be conscious about contemplate objects and their conditions. Myra Levine postulated that Human beings are a negotiator who can act intentionally to accomplish his goals.

Other Myra Levine assumptions include; the adaptive changes which involve the human beings in the environment, The unity of the human beings in dealing with the environmental sectors, the uniqueness of the human beings in their adaptive ability which is based on different individuals experiences and creation of exceptional messages. Human beings life is considered to have continuity and not random while the Human beings are a friendly and social animal. Myra Levine viewed change as predictable in life. Finally, about nursing, it is viewed to require an existing self-care demand and the dependent care. It is also associated with regulation conditions involving the development of care providence.

Definitions of terms


Is a healthcare profession who focuses on an individual's care so that they can maintain and recover optimal health (Parse 2009). The profession is called nursing and is always practiced in performance with other disciplines that are derived from the health sciences. The human relations are based on communication which is rooted in the organic dependence of the human being in relation to other individuals (Parse 2009).

The purpose of nursing is to encourage wholeness and the realization that the human beings need an exceptional and different group of activities integrity is his permanent concern while the tasks of the nurse is to help the sick person how to defend and seeking its realization. The nurses' goal is achieved through the usage of conservation philosophies (Parse 2009). The philosophies are; structure, energy, personal and social reliability.


A patient is a beneficiary of a health service. In most cases, they are ill or injured thus needing treatment by a doctor, physician or nursing whilst the person is a holistic individual who usually struggle to protect the wholeness and integrity, future oriented, thinking and past awareness. A human being's integrity demands that life is unique and has a meaning in the social life. A person can also be depicted as an exclusive individual with unity and integrity. The human being feels, believes, and thinks (Parse 2009).


Environment refers to the wholeness of an individual.…

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