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Calling her the worst names he could, insulting her honor and degrading her spirit, the Storm God beckoned forth all the clouds he could and harnessed the wind, thunder, and lightening to use against her in battle. Hearing his brother insult his wife, the Sun God began to brandish his armor and prepare for war.

Storm clouds gathered, thick and black and completely obscuring the sun for hours. The people ran inside and hid in their huts while the torrential downpours pelted their roofs. Frightened, the children hid under their sheets while their parents tried to bolt down the windows to keep their homes dry. For hours more, the storm raged but neither the Rain Goddess nor the Storm God would back down. The Rain Goddess stood her ground in spite of her tears and when she saw out of the corner of her eye that her husband was preparing for battle the Rain Goddess could barely suppress her smile. Her cries subsiding, the Rain Goddess embraced her husband.

Witnessing the strength of their love, the Storm God paused. He called off the wind and the thunder and halted a bolt of lightening in mid-air. In tears, the Storm God reached down toward the flooded earth and plucked from it seven blossoms: one red, one orange, one yellow, one green, one blue, one indigo, and one violet. Transforming his anger and vengeance into humility and love, the Storm God blew on the blossoms as he normally blew the winds. He blew with such force that from the seven blossoms emanated beams of light that were as graceful as the Sun God's rays and as soft as the Rain Goddess's tender kisses.

A offer you this, my brother and my sister-in-law, a bow that wages not war but love. With this bow of sunlight and rain, I declare my period of vengeance to be over. As the bow stretches its arms toward the earth, I also ask the human race for forgiveness and hope."

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