Myths, Along With Fairytales and Assessment

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In modern society, myth is identified with something of the past, something historical taught in schools and read in books. However, one needs to acknowledge that communication has enabled people to receive information in various ways: television, cinema, video games, comic books, books. These are the elements that demonstrate the presence of archetypes within modern mythology. One ancient Greek hero is one Spiderman, or Batman, one moral leader is Frodo, the hobbit. Thus, ancient archetypes resemble modern ones, making Jung's theory viable.

In Greek mythology, a hero was not just the personage who fought monsters, but a hero that was able to fight his own ego and come to terms with his nature, his goal in life. In this respect, Oedipus was thought of as a noble hero who was subjected to making mistakes because of a faulty judgement. By disregarding the divine will and giving in to an inner compulsion, Oedipus fulfills the destiny he had fiercely tried to avoid. He murders his father, although not knowing who he really is, he marries his mother also without having any knowledge of her identity. In Spiderman's case, the faulty judgement is when he does not stop the robber who eventually murders Spiderman's uncle, thus indirectly making him a part of his uncle's death. However, much like in Oedipus' case, we sympathize with Spiderman and understand that it is not his natural character that lead to the killing, but a simple mistake.

It is within these premises that we understand Jung's collective unconscious and mythology as applied universally. The issue is further relevant because it allows for the exploration of other topics of human thinking and cultural exchange. Jung thought of myths as the secret door through which cosmic revelations are revealed to man who incorporates it as cultural manifestation. After all, the frailty of human nature, its faulty character, but as well everything that is good in it must come from a source that is exterior to senses of the body. We can's exactly explain how the human body functions, but we know that it does, don't we?

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