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Narcissistic Personality Disorder This is one of the very rare kinds of personality disorders that can be traced within the contemporary society. Indeed Philip W. Long (2011) pegs the prevalence to 1% of the total population. He further notes that the disorder is more prevalent in males than in females.

People falling under this category generally have a weird feeling that the world generally revolves around them and their needs. These categories of people lack the urge to empathize with other people and always strive to keep the focus toward them all the time.

This personality can make the person display unusual arrogance, lack of empathy as well as absolute need fro admiration that can be seen in the way they carry out their duties at work and generally how they would like to be perceived in a relationship.

More often these people are described by others as self-centered, cocky, demanding and manipulative. More often than not, they will preoccupy themselves with feats that are not achievable like fame and at times feel they are worth being treated as famous people even if that is not the case. It is a case that is closely related to antisocial personality, borderline personality disorder as well as histrionic personality disorder (Psychology Today, 2012).

Narcissists are observed to be having high self-esteem though narcissism is not the same thing as self-esteem, this is seen in the attitude behind the self-esteem. Normal people with high self-esteem are seen to be humble even among people whom they are above, yet the narcissists are not humble at all, not even among those who are senior than them. Initially, there was a misconception that narcissists are people with high self-esteem on the surface and deep within a desperate sense of insecurity. However, this was ruled out by the latest evidence that points out that the narcissists are secure and are grandiose at both levels. One may be tempted to attribute insecurity to the defensive nature of the narcissists when heir self-esteem is threatened yet that is not the case. Among these people, the dangerous lifestyle like risky sex and financial decisions that are bold though may be beyond their reach can indicate sensation-seeking from the public or impulsivity.


There are various symptoms that are associated with people having the narcissistic personality disorder. These may include all or some of the following (MNT, 2004);

This category of people will react to achievements that they have made as well as overemphasize on their talents. People suffering from thin disorder will also be seen to be preoccupied by unrealistic fantasies concerning power, intelligence, success, romance and beauty. They also display expectations of unreasonable favorable considerations or treatment. These are people who need constant attention as well as positive reinforcement from people around them. They are noted to be easily getting jealous about others who seem better than them and they often disregard the feelings of other people around them in as much as they want their feelings to be considered and catered for. They have obsessive self-interprets that make them to constantly pursue selfish goals.

It has also been noted that narcissists are generally attractive and easy to notice and associate with at first sight. They are god at striking deals, making sales and even gaining popularity and favors with people. However, they are unable to maintain the relationship for the long run.

Diagnosis of the disorder

Personality disorders like the one in case here are always diagnosed by trained psychologists or even the psychiatrists and not by the family physicians and general practitioners as they are not well trained to handle the cases. It is also worth noting that there is no laboratory where such cases are neither diagnosed nor any genetic or blood tests carried out for personality disorder diagnosis. It has been noted that many people with personality disorders rarely seek attention and help in time. They…

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