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It is quite true that the advancements and the technology of the world today have gone to make the world far more complicated. Life itself and the things around us have become so objective and materialistic at the same time. Thoreau went on stress on the importance of simplicity. In stating that, he emphasized that people need to live simple in order to be happy. In other words, the more complicated we make our world; the unhappier we are going to be.

We know that Thoreau lived in the time when industrialization was at its peak and the face of the city was changing. As people were becoming aware of the changes, Thoreau was there to emphasize that it could all just be trap that doesn't make things easier. The experience of leaving things like phone and iPod allows a person to appreciate the simple things that don't cost a penny.

This experience, therefore, showed me that we don't need people, money, or certain conditions to enjoy things like nature, good weather or just the smell of grass. It appears that people are so dependent on these artificial things that they forget to enjoy the simple things that were always there. We see that these things sometimes begin to look so fake and false as well, Friends on social networks like twitter and face book might even be fake. The reality of life lies within nature which is presents everywhere.

Emerson states that the student's of nature insisted that there is nothing fake or unsuccessful about nature. Surely, nature is the first hand link and direct link man has with God. (Emerson) Thus, building upon that I would say that my experience was very fresh and lively. The only things occupying my mind were nature and its beauty. I felt calm, relaxed and even though I was being generally simple, I was happy.

Question 2

The trip to Emerson house and Walden Pond truly reflect the writings that both the philosophers had written. Going into Emerson house, one feels surrounded by a sense of passion for knowledge and science. Emerson house was quite elegant but it also reflected simplicity and peace at the same time. It builds on Emerson's teachings about gaining pleasure from the simple things in life. Apart from simplicity, Emerson also went onto highlight on the importance of knowledge.

Emerson house had a huge collection of literature and books. We also were told about how Emerson wanted to crowd the house with books and paper. This is reflected by the various volumes, papers and inkwells on the table. The house showed that the person living in it had a passion to gain an indefinite amount of knowledge.

Coming to Walden Pond, one clearly sees the beauty of nature that Thoreau had written about in his writings. Thoreau talks about living in solitude in order to grasp the true beauty of nature. The place around me was breathtaking however, I am sure I would have enjoyed it much alone if I were alone. Thoreau talks about the pond being the intermediate between the land and the sky. This sort of feeling is grasped at Walden Pond because of the clarity of the pond there. To think of it, the pond itself isn't really between the land and sky. However, the sky is reflected in the pond below. Walden used this to talk about how the human soul would reflect the world above if it removes all the irrelevant things from it.

Question 3

Thoreau emphasized on man's ability to seek nature and be able to experience its pure beauty wherever he went. This is quite visible in his quite in Walden where he talks about living in the woods. He goes on emphasize where he lived and what he lived for. Thoreau highlights the fact that the living in the woods showed him that he hadn't lived until he went to live in the woods. The latter part of this quotation highlights that life itself isn't the biological fulfillment and ultimate death of man. It is more of a quest for man to find the inner beauty and peace around him.

Unfortunately, the utopian concept of nature that Thoreau and Emerson stressed upon is quite rarely found in 2013. Rather than admiring nature, man has gone to abuse and use nature more often these days. Man needs to acknowledge the certain constraints to which nature can be abused and exploited.

In Emerson's text Nature, he goes on to stress on how man and nature are both present in the material world but man appears as the more powerful one. Man has the intellectual and spiritual powers to be able to dominate nature. Emerson stresses on man's dominion over the kingdom and his ability to dominate all aspects of nature. The main point here is that nature is there to serve man and be of its use. Regardless, it is quite apparent that nature can overpower man as well. It is true that nature provides for man and thus in return, it expects to be admired and recognized. Emerson also stresses on man's quest to look for knowledge and be able to interact with nature directly rather than rely on what is already there. If we look around, not many people are in the search of direct knowledge.

People rely on data or research that is already present. It is very rare for them to start on a journey all by themselves where they attempt to go and find nature. Another point that is quite apparent is how nature is being exploited today. Humans are busy using up the resources to ensure a comfortable living rather than preserve nature and appreciate what is around them.

Question 7

Emerson goes on to stress on the influence on nature, past knowledge and action in his essay. In my opinion, nature itself doesn't have a direct influence. The beauty and purity of nature will not really motivate the Babsonian scholar to go on and gain knowledge. In order to be influenced by it, one really needs to go in its depth and try to understand the entire point behind nature. Connecting with nature, man gets to be aware of his inner thoughts and his inner self. He starts to realize what he is and what is capable of. This nature's influence motivates a person to gain knowledge and use it sharpens only mind and soul as well.

Past books and past knowledge do have a tendency to turn man into a mere book worm. The major point here is to not memorize or take to heart whatever we read. What we read in texts, paper or even researches, we should have the intellectual ability to ponder about it and think ahead from what is written. Reading and accepting the facts closes the mind and inhibits man's ability o think and question. Acting upon what has been learned and read is quite essential. Today, skill and ability matters just as much as knowledge does. This is quite apparent from all the hands on experience that we are provided with. This just goes on to emphasize the fact that we should be able to apply and actually use whatever we learn in the texts that we reading. Apart from all these influences, I think that a person's imagination is quite a prominent influence on their learning. Scholars should set a mindset or imagine what it is they want from life and what they want to be. Regardless of how far away their goals appear they should think of their dreams and then work their way towards them.

Question 8

The major theme in all these videos is that nature makes its way regardless of what the hurdles are. If we really think about,…

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