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Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Theory

1) What do you think is motivating these employees to complain about their pay?

The employees feel their job is more critical, strenuous, and needs qualification more than garbage collectors. They seemingly are not concerned by their wages but the increase in garbage collectors average salary. I feel that they need reassurance that they are respected, and their jobs are important too.

2) Discuss the employees complaints in terms of Maslows hierarchy of needs.

Abraham Maslow grouped needs from the most basic to the luxurious bit (How Maslows Famous Hierarchy of Needs Explains Human Motivation, 2021). In his theory, he grouped the needs into five taking the shape of a pyramid with basic needs taking the lowest and more significant part of the pyramid. Charlies employees are motivated by the need for esteem located on the second level from the apex. The factory employees view the increase...


Therefore, they need to be recognized and respected concerning their remuneration.

3. Assume that employees earnings average $35,000 a year. If you were Charlie, what would you say to these employees at the team meeting this afternoon? What could he do to prepare in the next four hours?

The factory workers average annual salaries seem to be very low hence their complaints about the rise in garbage collectors salary levels. Before the meeting, Charlie should do several things to be well equipped for any questions. He should first gather the market data of factory workers remuneration and speak to those in charge of the budget to know how far the budget can be stretched. Then, at the meeting, armed with facts, he should listen to the employee complaints, discuss how the current wage rate was arrived at before promising a…

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