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Negotiation Exercise

A Negotiation Sample

I have worked for Microsoft for the last four years as technical support. The role was very demanding, though it attracted low pay. Considering that I had worked for four years minus a salary increase, I felt it was appropriate for the company to consider better pay for me. As a result, I approached my manager one of the days and expressed why I needed a salary increment. Some of the issues I tabled included a long stay of four years in the company without salary increment. The salary was too little considering the status of the economy and my family responsibility.

In her response, my supervisor Mrs. June did not give me concise feedback but urged me to continue doing a good job. She added that it may not necessarily be a salary increment if I deliver, but she can promote me to a higher role that would attract more pay, growth, and better terms. Six months later, I got a change of role letter, assigning me to a senior data analyst position. A role I anticipated would attract a salary increment doubling the present salary. Unfortunately, my salary was still not reviewed, to my surprise. I felt agitated and contacted my supervisor before accepting the new role. In her response, Mrs. June informed me about taking the new assignment as the salary figure is still under consideration by the top management.

Considering the earlier experience where some of my colleagues were given additional senior roles without a pay increase, I knew Mrs. June was fooling me as well. As a result, I insisted on only accepting the role after reviewing my salary. June emphasized that the position needed urgent recruitment and decided to give someone else the job. Later on, I got a letter of contract termination based on non-commitment and non-compliance to the companys objectives.

Negotiation Techniques

Negotiation is a discussion style among two or more parties over some discrepancies to arrive at a satisfying conclusion for all the involved parties. It should be an open forum for everyone to…the salary increment to be affected. On the same note, I also failed to identify the deadline through which the management had filled in the vacancy. My objection, therefore, left them with no alternative but to find another candidate.

Also, I have learned that being in a hurry and haste to close the deal during negotiation is not recommended. That clearly defines one of my mistakes because I wanted a salary increment immediately, and I was not willing to compromise anything (Engel et al. 44). I failed to recognize that June had made the first move by promoting me to a senior role, thus, the basis for negotiating a higher salary for me. Rigidity does not benefit either of the parties at all during negotiation. Lastly, I failed to be realistic about specific facts at that particular moment. For instance, a salary increment was not an individuals decision; therefore, it could not be implemented immediately as I demanded. Failure to recognize existing guidelines and process a salary increment has to go through cost me…

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